YOP10 Week 15/52 – Dyeing and felting


I have bought 2 more skeins of the deep shades that were in my Havana to add some length and use the remainder as a single border. I’ve caked them but that’s all so far.


I did lots of dyeing on Wednesday and have a separate post showing the self striping sock yarn and some fibres I dyed. I will still be buying blended batts from Fleece4Ewe, a lady who dyes and drumcards blends of local sheep wool, but I needed some sand and seaweed colours so did some other bits too in paler shades than the mixes I have from her. That should last me a while now.


So much felting this week! I felted 4 x 20cm and 4 x 25cm ones. I only constructed 7 as I am waiting on a delivery of kits. Are you getting bored of seeing these. I’ve done a small grid photo. I also needle felted an 8” circular picture.

I also felted 5 baubles and decorated 2, but they are at the shop and I forgot to photograph them first. I also have 14 fairies ready to be dressed…they just have their heads and hands done so far.


I finished the sock from last week. Where’s its buddy? Squirrel!

🐿 I’m now distracted by having my self striping Christmas yarn ready to use so I cast on using that and will come back to the other pair after.


Yesterday our Guild had a couple of Zoom meetings, a show and tell in the morning and in the afternoon an opportunity to spin and chat. So I managed to clear off my bobbins and spindles ready for BritSpin that starts on Wednesday evening. Nothing worth showing and next week will be all about spinning so I’ll save that.

Other News

I can’t think of anything other than crafting I have done this week. I have hardly even been on walks with my husband and dog, so my weight is creeping up oops! I need to re-join them next week but I was keen to get a decent amount of stock in the shop.

This is a Year of Projects post. Officially the Group is in its 10th year, but this is my 3rd year participating. If you would like to find more about the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry.


  1. I never tire of seeing your needle felted items. Each one has it’s own personality. I love them. You have done quite a bit in the past week. When did you find time to eat and sleep? No wonder you did not have time to join in on the dog walks.

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  2. I’d never get tired of looking at your gorgeous lampshades! How did you do self-striping yarn? I’ll have to google it. It is SO Christmassy! You got an amazing amount of crafting done! You go girl!

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  3. Bored of your felted lampshades?!? Each one is a study. I enjoy seeing how different they are from each other. 🙂 And your self-striping yarn looks even prettier wound up! Can’t wait to see the socks you are knitting from it.

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  4. Love the self-striping yarn – and eek! – 2nd sock syndrome!! Lovely felted work – the shops will be so happy to have all your beautiful lampshades to sell.


    • Thank you, I have a highland cow I felted in a glass frame that I kept. She sells very expensive paintings in the gallery so I don’t think she would be so keen on felt ones taking up wall space she can have oil paintings on. But I will do more for myself.


  5. I am so lusting over your Christmas self striping yarn. I love self striping yarns for socks! I find it hard to find Christmas ones. I breezed through Social Dilemma. I need to watch it more carefully and agree I waste way too much time on my laptop and phone. Main reason I don’t get as much knitting done as I could.

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