BritSpin 2020 – Update

On my original Blog Post I totally forgot to mention one of the most important things about BritSpin! It raises money for charity. (I have updated that post after it was published.)

It is both a spinning and charity event. The winning team gets to choose the charity that will benefit from the following year’s events. Last year’s winning team chose the Royal National Lifeboat Institute (RNLI) as the charity, so this year participants are encouraged to donate at least £5 to the RNLI. They are hoping to raise £3,000 this year.

Day 1 (1st 24 hrs)

First up was the Border Leicester fibre from, our team sponsor, Doulton Border Leicester yarn. I dyed it, as covered in a previous post, and was aiming for a thick yarn for warm mittens. This is 134m of 3 ply, bulky weight.

I found out that last week Doulton’s had 8 of their lambs stolen. They operate a slaughter free business so you can imagine how devastated they are. Boo 2020, stop it with the bad news! I have bought a mini pink/purple set from them, purely in support you understand 😉

Spinning a new to me, British, rare breed. 3 bingo boxes.

Day 2

This was my day to concentrate on completing this year’s bingo card. 17 boxes with different things you needed to spin. So before I was dressed I was up playing with my blending board to create a gradient and it was pretty much full on all day.

This is shared on the BritSpin website so hopefully ok sharing here my completed one.

Day 3 is about clocking up more distance and getting through the John Arbon rolags.

NB: I have received permission to use the BritSpin logo. Permission must be obtained to use it as it does not belong to BritSpin. Details for obtaining permission are on the BritSpin T&Cs page on Ravelry.


  1. oh Liz, your spinning is fascinating: spinning with a blindfold? wow! and that rolag (?) in all shades of blue, is fantastic!

    A couple of weeks back I was on the verge of presenting mysef with a spinning kit, then resisted, as I have hardly any idea of what weight a spindle should be, plus I know I have no “eye” for anything, I really must follow instruction, I do not think I’d have the hand to spin.

    But I can very much enjoy whatching you do it!

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  2. What lovely colours! Not sure I’d be able to spin with gloves on, I did do some spinning during a recent power cut though and was pleasantly surprised how my yarn turned out despite not being able to see! 🙂

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  3. This is so unrelated but we have a table of very similar colour right next to our radiator which looks the same as yours so when I looked at that photo (in the middle at the top of the collage) I did a double-take!

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