YOP10 Week 20/52 – I knit a jumper in a few days!


I was asked to make 2 x 20cm matching lampshades in the colours of a larger one already in the store. It’s pretty hard to make matching items as the fibre blends are mixed and unique, the fibres move in different ways and shrinkage is pretty tricky to control. However, I think I managed a pair the customer will be happy with, fingers crossed.

I also finished 2 Highland landscape wreaths for the shop too. I forgot to photograph them in the rush.

The bricks and mortar cowl, I had knit with some handspun, had an annoying habit of rolling down, so I have felted it and it’s much more upright and less loose.


Well as my title suggests I finished a jumper this week! I started it on Tuesday afternoon, worked on it on Wednesday and a little of Thursday evening and finished it on Friday. I think if I’d been just sat watching TV for a couple of days it could easily have been finished in 2 days. I have done an FO post about it here.

Other News

I forgot last weekend to mention that I sold a scarf on my Etsy shop. At the moment most of what I make is sold locally in the Alchemist Gallery, but my scarves are sold on Etsy. A link to my Etsy store is on the home page of my website. (I only sell to UK, not overseas.)

If you haven’t been watching The Undoing on Sky Atlantic and NowTV (HBO Max in US) then I recommend it. It’s one of those griping dramas that has you posing theories to each other…time will tell if I’m right about what happened. I binge watched The Queen’s Gambit series on Netflix a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed it. I discovered this week my husband doesn’t know how to play chess! We normally play Samba or Bolivian Canasta, Pass the Pigs or Exploding Kittens when we go away…I asked if we should take a chess set so I can teach him but he said no.

I still haven’t started making any Christmas presents 🤦🏻‍♀️ Some houses on our estate already have some Christmas lights up!!!

This is a Year of Projects post. Officially the Group is in its 10th year, but this is my 3rd year participating. If you would like to find more about the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry.


  1. Those lampshades are a really good match, and they are beautiful! So glad your things are selling so well 🙂 Of course it’s not surprising – they really are all so lovely! When do you leave on your holiday?

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  2. I think you did a fine job on making matching shades. The sweater is great. Of course the purple colors are the best part lol. As for chess….I know how to play but prefer not to play. It takes too much concentration and planning ahead for me to enjoy. Give me a good cribbage board and I am happy. There are several people here with their Christmas up already. I will wait until after Thanksgiving to put ours up. That us only 2 weeks away.

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  3. WOW a jumper in 4 days. It takes me 4 months!!

    Thanks for the tv recommendations. With covid definitely watching more TV. I enjoyed the Queen’s Gambit. I didn’t like to play chess as a kid because it made me feel stupid if I lost. Now I just don’t like to work that hard when playing a game. But the whole spatial thinking does appeal to me.

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  4. The lamp shades looks pretty perfectly matched to me! I would think with handmade items a buyer would surely expect (even look forward to the) slight variations between copies of the the same product. This would be the thing that would make both the collection and the individual items truly special.

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  5. I think she will be very happy with those lampshades! Gorgeous and they definitely look like they go together. Your sweater in 3 days? YOu’re amazing! I love it too. You’re getting me to want something purple! Enjoy your holiday!

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  6. You did very well matching the lampshades I think. People are putting up lights here already, and the radio stations and stores are playing Christmas Music! Ack. I am very old school and actually put up my tree Christmas Eve and take it down on Epiphany. Oh well, it is cheerful to see all the lights and it is a good year to cheer up the neighbourhood. Your sweater is lovely – of course me and purple is always a good thing! I am so happy to hear that all your items are selling so well. If I lived closer I would order too!

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