Strathcona Sweater



Strathcona Sweater by Tara-Lynn Morrison


Rowan Big Wool, a super bulky 100% merino wool yarn.


Pattern: I paid 🇨🇦 $ 7.80 which was £4.77 at the time (last Nov). I notice it has gone up a little since then.

Yarn: 4 balls bought in a Sale at a yarn shop when we were on holiday last November for £19.50! This usually costs around £9-10 per ball.

Total (excluding labour): £24.27! Bargain!

I had to buy some 15mm (US19) needles to make it, but they can be used again so I haven’t included in the total cost. I bought KnitPro Symphony interchangeable, as I have lots of their cords and this made it great for switching between knitting the body and arms.


Started – Tuesday 10th November 2020

Finished – Friday 13th November 2020

I meant to count how many hours! If you had confidence in your yarn length this could easily be done in a weekend.

Pattern summary

Link to Ravelry Page

Well this pattern is very easy and very quick! I made only a couple of modifications. I made the neck shorter and increased the yoke one more repeat than the pattern…to compensate for this I picked up 2 less stitches on the arms and on the below the arms increases I did one less increase – so that my arm and body stitch count matched the pattern. I ran out of yarn early so think the patterns yarn length is for the smaller size. I did 21 rows stocking stitch from the point of splitting for the arms on both the sleeves and the body. I managed to do the 4 rows of rib on the sleeves but only managed 2 on the bottom and when I cast off I had 2” left!

I showed my husband and he said ‘It’s a bit short’. It is supposed to be cropped. It will be ideal for when I am felting stuff at home as the shorter sleeves won’t get wet.

Yarn Summary

I have some mittens I made a year or more ago in another colour of the Rowan Big Wool so I know it copes well with use. It is a little scratchier than the WYS Re:treat yarn I used for my Turtle Dove, so I knit less rows on the collar so it wasn’t on my neck. (Talking of Turtle Dove I wear it almost every day!)

The pattern has lots of suggestions for other yarns including Wool and the Gang – Crazy Sexy Wool, Malabrigo – Rasta and Drops – Eskimo. If I make I again I will treat myself to some gorgeously coloured Malabrigo Rasta….it is soooo pretty and it looks great when you have a nosey at others’ project pages on Ravelry. But I’m more tempted to make a 2nd Turtle Dove and have ordered yarn for it….🤦🏻‍♀️

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  1. I am knitting the Strathcona sweater in Wool and the Gang’s bulky Crazy Sexy Wool on size 19 circular needles, 24″ long as called for in the pattern. I have knit the neck and am now on the body. I am only on row 3 of the increases and will soon run out of room on the 24″ needles. Did anyone else have this problem? I think I will need to purchase another set of size 19 needles in longer length, having just spent $20 for the ones I’m currently using. Am I wrong about this?

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    • Hi. I knit mine with interchangeable 15mm needles which means I don’t remember which cable length I used on them as I have a whole bunch of cables in different lengths. Have you split for the arms yet as it is narrower then and maybe you can squeeze it on until you get past the split?


      • Thank you for your quick reply. I haven’t split for the arms yet. I’m only just beginning the body. You are making me wish that I had invested in interchangeable needles!!

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