YOP10 Week 19/52 – FO hat, fractal handspun and making batts


Just a few fairies this week for gifts and the shop, although not dropped off yet. Here’s an example.


I finished the Herriot Hat (Ravelry link) and I made the large size but then felt it was going to be too long once I started the decreases, also I wasn’t confident about how much yarn I had left. So I skipped the knit rows that should have been between the decreases. This obviously means I don’t have a smooth crown, but I like it. There isn’t enough yarn to make a bobble, but maybe a tassel, but given my rain hood goes up so much here I will probably just leave it as is. Yarn is Jamieson & Smith Chunky.

Out and about with new hat and handspun bricks and mortar cowl.

I’ve ordered a 15mm (US19) circular needle to make Strathcona jumper but it doesn’t arrive until next week boo hoo. So I will finish the socks I have on the go.


I finished my spinning project of the superfine merino, fractal spun. This was spun on my new to me wheel (Ashford Traveller) and I am really pleased the 3 skeins are all really well balanced (don’t have any twist when it’s in a big loop).

The leftovers on a bobbin I chain plied and oh dear! I’m not yet used to the location of the built in lazy kate (place where you put your full bobbins) during plying, so I need a new technique or use my separate lazy kate in its normal position (to my left hand side) rather than the built in ones.

Unbalanced yarn…see it twisting!

Other News

My drum carder from Classic Carders arrived on Friday and I got busy making up various batts using some of the fibres I dyed a while ago. These are a mix of corriedale, shetland and north ronaldsay wool…plus an unknown dark green…very toothy so not sure on the breed. I’m looking forward to making some lampshades with these blends. They are much better blends than I had managed on my blending board. But the blending board is perfect for making rolags for woollen spinning so it is still a good asset.

Oh nearly forgot…having already bought a yarn advent from Cookston Crafts (which my husband has hidden), I have now bought a 12 days of Christmas fibre box from Adelaide Walker and look how cute it looks. These will both be presents from my husband as he pays the credit card bill hehe!

I have some new medication for my ear problems, so fingers crossed this will work. I’ve had no end of different medications to get rid of fluid in my ear over the last 3.5 years but I am hopefully this new stuff will sort it…fingers crossed, touch wood 🤞 I feel a bit rubbish so snoozed on the sofa on Saturday.

This is a Year of Projects post. Officially the Group is in its 10th year, but this is my 3rd year participating. If you would like to find more about the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry.


  1. Love the hat. Especially the color! I don’t think anyone is going to notice the crown of the hat. Once you put it on it looked even. I can not even imagine working with a 15mm knitting needle! The largest I have used is a US11 and it was like working with a tree branch. I will say, your jumper will be finished in record time with that size of a needle.

    Your fairy is adorable and I am glad they are still selling well at the shop. Your spinning really turned out great and your rolags are such pretty colors. Will they be lamp shades or will you spin those into fiber too?

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  2. No fun on the ear problems. Snoozing on the couch seems like the right plan and I hope the new medication helps.

    I just has a catch-up of your blog posts back to July when I fell off the Internet. OMG, you made a Havana! 🙂 I’m tickled. Didn’t I tell you it’s not as hard as it looks? And you’ve done so much amazing spinning, knitting, weaving, felting, gardening… I feel like such a slacker now. LOL! Thanks for the lovely 1/2 hour I just spent admiring all your lovely work and pictures.


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    • Helloooo! So pleased to see you back in the land of blogville, yes I finally made a mini Havana and will one day make a big one. Now I know the magic, but the skill is also putting the colours together I think and your pale pink and grey one is still my favourite one I’ve seen. So glad you’re back.


  3. Your hat looks great and you look so good in all your purple wear. I would so love to have a coat that color. 🙂 And your newly spun yarn is beautiful, as is all your carded fiber. I can imagine fairies dancing among all that! How fun to know you have two advent presents tucked away. Gifts that will keep on giving!

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  4. Love you spinning. I don’t use the lazy kate built into my wheel – it just doesn’t pull right so I have one on the floor that I keep to the left and a little behind me. It holds three bobbins, and if I am doing a four ply I have made another lazy kate out of a cardboard box with an errant knitting needle as the spindle. It works great. I love your hat and cowl combo. I hope the inner ear thing gets sorted out. I have dizzy spells and they are no fun. No fun at all.

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