YOP10 Week 18/52 – Extended Havana and woven gift reveal


I mentioned my mini version of the Havana blanket wasn’t quite long enough. So I’d ordered 2 more balls of the Cascade 220 wool.  I extended section 7, then on the cast on edge I added an 8th section, using the pattern that had been in the original section 4.  (I added to the cast on edge so that I didn’t end up with two sections next to each other in the same colour combinations.)  I think it has worked well. 

Once I’d got it to the right length I started on a border.  I did the slip stitch on the front side only and then added 3 rows of US double crochet and 1 row of single crochet and that used up the majority of the yarn, certainly I don’t have enough for another row.  So here it is, officially finished…with a shot of the previous ‘finished’ shot.

I think you’ll agree that adding a border transforms the blanket. As I had already woven in all the ends (of which there were many!), I only needed to do a single thickness of border as no loose ends to hide. I LOVE IT!


I’m a bit of a stuck record, but I did make some more lampshades for the shop. 3 x 20cm landscapes (last week’s were 25cm). I also made a commissioned one but I forgot to needle felt bees on it! I’m so annoyed at myself. I’m waiting for the customer to advise. This style is a lot of work so I am kicking myself that I forgot to do the bees. (Arrghhh my memory!!!)

There will be a break from lampshades for a bit as I feel the shop is well stocked now…well until I get October’s sales report from the owner.  I want to concentrate on some Christmas themed items or things that could make good Christmas presents.  Also on my YOP list is to make some Christmas wreaths and a stocking.


I have cast on the buddy for the Wood Pigeon coloured sock.

I needed a quick win though so I also cast on a hat using the Jamieson & Smith Shetland Bulky wool I bought a skein of (What’s that you say, did I forget this was a yarn buying ban year?? lol). The pattern isn’t even on my YOP list! It’s Herriot Hat (free pattern on Ravelry). It has these smock stitches which are new to me. I’ve just finished the brim and have the stocking stitch rest to do. This is as far as I can put it on whilst it’s still on the needle.


My new to me wheel arrived on Thursday evening.  An Ashford Traveller double treadle single drive wheel.  I started spinning some super fine merino from Three Waters Farm in the colour Falling in Love. (A prize from this year’s Tour de Fleece.)


I am now able to reveal a scarf that I wove back in August.  I apologise that this is not the best photo of it as it was just a snap and then it was packed away for gifting in October.  It is my first go at weaving a scarf in multiple colours (rather than just shades of the same colour) and I am really happy with how it turned out.  The wool is from Eden Cottage Yarns and is a blend of Blue Faced Leicester (85%) and Silk (15%).  I kept a Project Page on Ravelry with more details about the colour pattern. 

This is a Year of Projects post.  Officially the Group is in its 10th year, but this is my 3rd year participating.  If you would like to find more about the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry.


  1. You did a marvelous job on the Havana. The border really makes it polished looking. I am going to stick with the twisted fringe edge on the queen sized one I am working on. My next mosaic blanket will have a border. I think I am going to do the Queen blanket next. Your lampshades are nice and O love those flowered ones. Sorry to hear you forgot bees on the commissioned one. The purple fairy…….I am in love! Your woven scarf is perfect. What pretty colors you choose for it. Your new wheel is cute. I hope it eases your knee pain.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Whee! So much eye candy here. Your finished Havana is just gorgeous, Liz! I love the colors you did it in, and the border really does transform it. While I love the IDEA of encasing the ends in the border, I don’t quite understand how they are truly secure in there. Can they work their way out? Is that why you decided to weave them in before crocheting the border?

    Your lampshades and fairy are all beautiful. And your hat looks cute and warm. What a beautiful spinning wheel. I’d love to just run my hands over that smooth finish. Your woven scarf is pretty, too. You are such a busy maker, Liz. It would be fun to be a little spider in your house, high in the corner watching you work and create. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Becki, on the pattern you first tie each pair of ends in a knot then you do a Border on the front and one on the back and then you join the borders together, so it’s a huge amount of work and uses a lot of wool. I know lots hate weaving in ends but I like it, so I think I’d do the same on a huge version.


  3. So many lovely projects! The border really gives your Havana a nice finish. It looks great! So do your lampshades and fairy and the scarf 🙂 Do you like your new spinning wheel? Also, that is a great hat – lovely color and pattern 🙂


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