Turtle Dove Jumper



Turtle Dove by Espace Tricot


West Yorkshire Spinners Re:treat Chunky Roving (100% wool)


Free pattern.  The yarn cost £27 for 5 x 100g skeins.  Total cost to me was £27, excluding labour.


Started – 23rd January 2020

Completed – 10th February 2020 I finished blocking it, although I finished knitting it the week before.



Just to explain, I actually bought this yarn to knit another pattern, so had 6 skeins in my stash.  The delays of that other pattern being released has meant that I was starting to look for other patterns.  

For the last year I’ve been watching the Grocery Girls Podcast every fortnight but I also try to watch the older episodes I’d missed out on.  I came across an episode where Tracie and Jodie both had made/were making one and I liked the look on both of them.  So I checked to see if it would suit my yarn, swatched it and then got going on it all during that episode.  The Turtle Dove has appeared in a few of their episodes I notice.  They made it in the recommended very expensive yarn, mine is a budget version.

Pattern summary

This is a very simple pattern to knit and as it is free, a quick knit, and is designed to be baggy (positive ease), it would be ideal for someone’s first go at knitting a jumper.  It uses twisted rib, on the collar, cuffs and hem which adds some interest.  
The idea is to have about 14” of positive ease but I didn’t fancy that idea, so knit the small and it still has a nice amount of positive ease.  
I did not add additional rows to the back.  This was because I had a crazy idea to knit the arms two at a time on my longest circular needle with a full skein per arm!  This was a disaster and I was getting big holes under the arms.  So I switched to doing them one at a time.  After 10 rows I did a decrease of 2 stitches and then knit straight, adding additional rows before the twisted rib cuff.  I still ended up with some holes and I sewed those up with some of the yarn.  The sleeves are now somewhere between 3/4 and full length, so maybe look a bit off.  I have plenty of yarn I could add if I decide I’d like longer arms and additional length at the back.  As it is chunky wool I thought a shorter sleeve would make wearing chunky mittens with it easier, otherwise I’d have too much thickness going on at the cuff of my jackets.
When it was first finished I was concerned how much the ribbed hem was pulling in and it looked weird on.  However, after some steam jets from the iron they have loosened up and now hang fine.

Yarn summary

I read a lot of comments on Ravelry that people found this yarn splitty, I didn’t find that really.  It is soft and fluffy, I suspect it will pill and shed quite a bit but we shall see.  It does attract dog hair I notice and that’s hard to get off without taking some yarn with it.  So this isn’t going to be hard wearing like my Such a Winter’s Day jumper, that I wear almost every day and isn’t pilling.  What I do notice is you don’t get nice even V shape to your knit stitches, I think this is common when knitting with roving.
I think to wash this jumper will be a challenge, as mentioned I steam blocked it.  I’ll be surprised if it copes well with being submerged in water and may take days to dry flat. 


Photo Gallery

I don’t think this jumper does me any favours looks wise, and having been outside to take the photos in 0°C I am seriously considering lengthening the arms.  I don’t like the weird bunching around the neck.  I thought it was funny Ylva looks like she’s whispering in my ear on one photo and appearing from behind me on another.  

Update added 13th November 2020.


I love this jumper! What was I talking about earlier!! I wear it probably 5 days a week and it is wearing surprisingly well. It is so throw-on-able, comfy, soft. It has had its first inside out hand wash and I even spun it in the machine at 400 for 3 minutes and then dried flat and it looks great. It’s my go to item when I’m cold and I will definitely make a 2nd in the same wool.


  1. I enjoyed this post. I have had my eye on Turtle Dove for a while. The appeal of a quick knit… I think the sweater is very flattering on you, actually. The color suits you. Can’t be the cost, either. I appreciate when other knitters share their modifications (less ease) and admit to trying something that did not result in a desirable outcome (two at a time sleeves). If I were to knit it, I would opt for less ease as well. As for that doggo. OMG! It does look like he is telling you a secret, like where he buried your slipper! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks. I think it’s the wrinkling under my chin I’m conscious of, it’s pretty cosy to wear and I have taken it off and popped on my knitting chair to add length to the sleeves today for sure as the bat wing type effect you get means when you put a jacket over the sleeves ride up higher so I had a gap between mittens and jumper which feels weird. Very warm considering it’s so loose. I think with longer arms I can get used to the neck bit. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I think it looks great on you and I for sure want to make one! I’ve been looking at sweater patterns and this one is made for me! Lots of positive ease and 3/4 sleeves and turtle neck…LOVE! Yours turned out so nice and such a beautiful yarn and color. Great job! Hip Hip Hooray!

    Liked by 1 person

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