Day 1 of 91 day decluttering – bedroom wardrobe

It is just approaching mid-day and the last 2.5 hours I have been trying on items in my wardrobe and suitcases of overflow clothes! This is because I am taking part in a decluttering challenge.

The pile of work clothes I have put as a bundle for sale on Facebook but the rest will go to a charity shop, once they are able to re-open.

I have taken some quick snaps before things were bagged but there were more things that went into the bags I forgot to photograph.

I won’t be posting every day of the 91 days but as some accountability I am starting off with a post. I feel a mixture of relief and sadness. Once they are out the door they will be out of mind. There’s some cashmere and superfine merino in these bags so someone will hopefully fit them. If they were really tight they went but if they were just snug I kept them 😂

Tomorrow is shoes and accessories. I have already put some scarves and handbags in this lot, but will do the rest tomorrow…they are dotted around the house.


  1. Could you have unraveled the cashmere or merino clothing? Or were they manufactured clothing? I know several folks that go to thrift shops looking for sweaters to buy and unravel for the yarn.

    You did excellent on day 1. Hubby and I will be doing this in a few hours too. Luckily, I had just done my clothing back in October. Hopefully that will make it a bit easier today.


  2. Unfortunately they are manufactured with super thin thread that I just wouldn’t be able to do anything with. I’m wearing one merino jumper now that makes me look like Pooh Bear as it keeps pinging up over my belly but it’s ok for around the house. There was a big Aran jumper but it’s in dark green and I’ve had >20 years and never wear it. I did a clear out last year which is helping as all the clothes I kept just in case remained unworn and I can’t see would be.


  3. Good start, Liz. I went through my closet recently and I, too, found it hard. You’ve got some pretty things there that someone else will love. I consoled myself with that thought over and over again as I put things in the donate pile.


    • I had a whole suitcase of work clothes and I guess getting rid of them says a) I’m not going back to an office job and b) I have put on a lot of weight since I left my job which was so busy I rarely remembered to eat or drink anything!


  4. Decluttering clothes is so time-consuming, when you have to try things on! But it does feel good to make that space. I’m sure there will be plenty of people delighted to find your treasures!

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    • It takes extra long when you’ve tried something on that you should have known was too small and gets stuck at your shoulders, which happened this afternoon when I remembered there were more clothes in the spare room wardrobe. 🤦‍♀️

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  5. I was decluttering at the start of the pandemic lockdown, but now I seem to have lost some of my steam. I think that I got rid of half of my books and tons of stuff from the garage. I am inspired to attack the closet again to chuck come clothes after seeing your piles. It is hard, but so wonderful to let things go, unless we are talking about yarn, of course… 🙂

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    • I was exactly the same: got off to a good start last spring but stalled. Thought I’d restart after Christmas but now the charity shops are closed I do t want to get a backlog of boxes to go

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      • I was cleaning out the office and shredding old documents there for awhile too, and somehow I fell behind on that too. It’s a long winter; there’s time for us to get productive again before spring.

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  6. Sorry to hear that you are getting rid of your cashmere and merino. I am sure there is something you can repurpose them for, but then again, that can also mean more clutter. I try to do a declutter a couple of times a year. It doesn’t help much that we are in lockdown. Good luck with everything. I know from experience that you will feel better. 🙂


    • They are just way too small and realistically I won’t be a size 10 again…size 12 would satisfy me. Nothing had a cuff suitable to try making fingerless gloves from. I thought of a cushion cover for one superfine merino but as you say it ends up as clutter, so better someone smaller get the benefit.

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  7. I’ve done a bit of decluttering too! Cleaned out my cardmaking supplies and put them away in place around the dining area and living room so I could have the nice, big cart free for sewing paraphernalia. Waiting for these comic boards to come in so I can start wrapping up my fabric pieces.

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    • Thank you. I am finding the decision making is exhausting and in some areas I worry I’ve got rid of too much and in other areas not enough. It’s all piling up in the spare room as all the charity shops are closed during lockdown so that’s a nuisance,

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