Pandemic anniversary

Today is 1 year since the World Health Organisation declared Covid-19 as a pandemic.

Today, on this anniversary, is when I have had my first vaccination.

What a year this has been for the world. In the scheme of things this year has been okay for my husband, dog and me.

So many positives this year, I am very grateful and fortunate and I know for so many this year has been very hard.

My husband and I have not fallen out despite him working from home. I have actually made more friends in the Guild because the zoom meetings lend themselves better to getting to know each other rather than in a large room where I feel overwhelmed. Our Blogville calls on a Sunday have been wonderful and a cherished part of my week. The WhatsApp chats with my friends in the northwest of England have been a wonderful way of connecting and has made up for my cancelled trip to see them.

When I think of the financial or emotional hardship, loss of life, or overwhelming loneliness during lockdown that so many have experienced this year, I really am so lucky that all we’ve had is a holiday re-scheduled twice. In the scheme of things we have got off very lightly.


  1. Glad to hear you’ve had your first jag. My experience has been much like yours (right down to the twice re-vectored holidays). Although I’ve known people who have been sick and several who have died, I am constantly grateful for living in a beautiful place where it was possible to get out and walk. Not to mention the garden. Once things settled down last spring, and we all got used to Zoom, the craft groups I’m involved with did quickly realise it was a whole lot better than nothing. It has meant a lot of administration and less hands on with silks, wool and needles than I might have expected, but I can’t complain about that. (Well, I can, but I won’t!) I hope I never forget how lucky I’ve been.

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  2. We, too, have been fortunate during the past year. Being retired kind of prepared us for the lockdowns. We were used to being home together for long periods of time lol. We did need to cancel 4 or 5 travel plans.

    Congrats on your first jab. So nice to see so many willing to get the injection.

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  3. I’m so glad you were able to get your jab, and I hope you didn’t feel poorly afterward. Like you, I’ve been overall very fortunate during this pandemic, and there have been a lot of lovely things to come out of it–like our Skype chats!

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