Fine Sand cardigan FO



Fine Sand by Heidi Kirrmaier


Rowan Alpaca Merino DK (83% alpaca, 7% merino and 10% nylon). Colour is 114 Walton (I’d call it charcoal grey). It has a chained construction like Rowan Lima yarn I used on Void).

It is sold in 25g balls (115 yards/105 meters). I used 11.5 balls to make the M2 size. I think next time I would make the arms even longer and the body a little shorter.


Pattern: US$8.16 conversion at the time = £6.80.

Yarn: £45 (pack of 10 balls) + £7.98 for the extra 2 balls purchased = £52.98.

Total (excluding labour): £59.78

The pack of 10 was originally being sold at £75 but I bought it on sale. So this would have been nearly £100 without a discount!


Started – 25th February 2021

Finished – 23rd April 2021

Link to Ravelry Page

Pattern summary

This is the DK version of Heidi’s Quick Sand cardigan that I have also knit. That one is for Aran weight yarn and mine is in linen.

The pattern uses lifted increases. In a less fuzzy yarn these lifted increases usually create a tiny hole that becomes part of the design feature. The pattern is pretty easy to follow and memorise, probably helped by me having done the Quick Sand one.

Heidi has great support for all her patterns. Each pattern has a separate folder on her forum page on Ravelry and you can ask questions if you need.

The only adjustment I made was adding some length to the sleeves.

Yarn Summary

I mentioned I have bought 12 red skeins of this same yarn to knit another. Perhaps another pattern may tempt me by the time I get round to using it. I see someone else has used this yarn for Heidi’s Summer Solstice cardigan so I may try that. Time will tell.

The yarn is chained construction which can be a little challenging to make sure your needle doesn’t go through one of the chains. I can tell it is going to be a warm cardigan to wear as during knitting it is a little lap rug and when I lift it off my lap my legs feel the difference. But it weighs less than 300g.

I’m not sure why Rowan have discontinued this and their similar Rowan Lima yarns but it does mean you can buy it at a discounted price where they still have it in stock. I bought the 12 red balls from Wool Warehouse and they do have other colours available.

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  1. Great looking sweater. The chainette construction must make the yarn lighter in weight for its size. But the trapped air probably makes it warmer than usual. I have a tip for you on the lifted increase: If you knit the lifted stitch through the back loop instead of the front it will close the hole that you are experiencing.

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