YOP10 Week 48/52 – a week of almost finished objects

This has been a week of not quite finishing things.


I have decorated the 5 balls I’d felted last week, but they do need some final touches and some hangers attaching.

Some fairies are in progress, but not quite finished…they are bald!


I’m pretty close to doing the toe decreases on my 2nd sock so they should be finished this weekend.


I spun outside in the garden on Saturday afternoon. I’m still working on the yak and silk. I am such a slow spinner. I’m going to spin outside more often on nice days so that should improve all the unfinished spinning projects I have. But also Tour de Fleece starts in June so I will spin daily (well the race days anyway).

Other News

As you can tell I haven’t really done much crafting this week. Instead I updated my Highland Heffalump Facebook page and made some changes to my website, plus two days in the garden and a couple of zoom meetings.

On Tuesday and Thursday I managed to get some gardening done and plant the next batch of seeds and moved some things out of the greenhouse. It was 18⁰C/65⁰F on Thursday so I sat under my garden umbrella and did a new garden diary post, which is just photos. On Saturday it was 19⁰C…getting toasty…well for me.

This is a Year of Projects post. Officially the Group is in its 10th year, but this is my 3rd year participating. If you would like to find more about the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry.


  1. I think you got quite a bit done this week. I would love to be outside withb18-19°C. We are already hitting summertime heat with 102°F today. This is when I become a house plant.

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  2. Even bald, your fairies are magical. 🙂 How lovely to spin in your garden. And how lovely is your garden! I must find some time to sit outside and crochet or stitch this lovely upcoming week.

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  3. I see you have a traveler, I love those wheels, mine is down atm, it needs repair. I will be using my Kromski Polonaise for Tour de Fleece :), it is by far my favorite wheel. :). Love your little fairies!

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    • It’s a very thirsty wheel, unlike my Ashford Traditional, but it’s great for being portable. I’m doing TDF again this year, my plan is to finish all the WIPs including ones I started in TDF 2019 and 2020. My friend has a new Polonaise and loves it.

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      • My Polonaises wasn’t new, it was left to me in the will of a dear friend I got started in and encouraged in a fiber journey, but it was in very good shape and it spins beautifully. She blessed me with her beautiful wheel and hadn’t named it so I named it after her :).

        I’m going to work on some fiber I am blending on a blending board for TDF :). Should be fun, it’s a surprise skein for a friend who knits but doesn’t spin. 😉


  4. Your ornaments are lovely! We’re in the same boat this week….lots of things on the go and trying to garden too. Your garden is lovely and what I wouldn’t give for a fenced-in yard to keep the critters out! I too prefer cool weather is working outside. We’re supposed to get more rain starting tonight so I will be out planting again today. Once the garden is in hopefully we will both be able to get a bit more done in other areas! Your little “bald” fairies are so sweet and I love those socks! I need to get back to mine! HAve a great week!

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  5. I am so glad Tour de Fleece is starting so I can get back to my wheel. I have a lot of undyed fleece to spin – maybe for a future gansey? lol. I LOVE your fairies. They are so whimsical.

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