New Stock – Baubles and a rainbow of fairies

Here’s a selection of new items that are now available for sale at The Alchemist Gallery in Dingwall.


June is Pride month so it seems perfect timing for my rainbow of fairies to have been dropped off. I didn’t intentionally start making a rainbow but once I’d made some red, orange and green ones it seemed a shame not to continue the theme. (Where’s yellow? I don’t think I have ever made a yellow fairy! Hmm maybe my next herd of fairies will have yellow in.)


Baubles…not just for Christmas! Inspired by the Highlands, they have removable bulb pins so could be used as a non-hanging ornament instead. I make them with UK Shetland wool and decorate them with hand dyed wools. The sheep are all made using the wool from a sheep called Roxy on a friend’s farm.

Whilst I was making them I was popping them in a yarn bowl and thought they looked quite nice as a collection. (These didn’t have the sheep added yet.)

For more information on Fairies and Ornaments please follow the links. The Alchemist Gallery is located on Dingwall High Street, about 15 miles north of Inverness and close to the North Coast 500 / NC500 road trip.


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