YOP11 Week 15/52 – Busy Busy Week


Last week I showed some autumnal wet felted merino and silk I’d made. This week I converted that into an autumn wreath.

I cut around some autumn themed cookie cutters, needle felted some detail into them and then attached them to a metal wreath frame wrapped in some green Corriedale wool. The hanger is some handspun. I thought about selling it but the hours that have gone into it just couldn’t be recouped and I really like it so I’m keeping it.

As you can imagine there were some trimmings leftover so I decided to decorate a felted bauble with them!

I also felted 6 new lampshades and dropped them off at the Alchemist gallery. It felt good to finally drop off some fresh stock.


My Winding Down jumper in the smaller size is a much better fit. I did the short row shaping around the back, split for the arms and was knitting the body then I tried it on in daylight on Saturday and discovered my bust darts (from the short rows) had holes in a place you don’t want a hole! So I ripped it back again to just before short rows. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Late Saturday evening I finished the short rows this time using German Short Rows (instead of pattern’s yarn over ones) and no holes although it was too late and dark to try it on so we shall see if it’s better.

Better fit, before I ripped it back again to change short rows.

Other News

I managed to get out on my SUP twice this week. On Monday to Loch Achilty and on Wednesday to Loch Farr. Loch Farr is a much smaller loch but very pretty with lily pads. It was a 40 min drive each way but worth it. We went around a few times and it was lovely. My new wetsuit was plenty warm enough and the one which was too long one of the ladies has bought off me.

The rest of my time has been spent doing Treasurer duties for the Guild. So all in all it’s been pretty jam packed but it is good for my mental health to keep busy. Next week I’m planning to do some more needle felting and Christmas stock preparation. Christmas food has been in our supermarket since mid-September! This is what happens in a country that barely celebrates Halloween and doesn’t have Thanksgiving in November.

This is a Year of Projects post. Officially the Group is in its 11th year, but this is my 4th year participating. If you would like to find more about the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry.


  1. Lordy I do love your lampshades!! Those little sheep are simply too cute! Agree the fit of the sweater looks good. And I just love the color and yarn. Good decision to keep the autumn wreath. It is amazing!!

    Just FYI – despite celebrating Halloween and Thanksgiving here in the states, Christmas decorations were already up in the mall a week and a half ago when I was dress shopping. 😦 On the other hand, the news keeps warning us to shop early since shipping is such a mess.

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  2. Your felting work is spectacular — I love the lampshades but that wreath is certainly the star of your felting show this week. I absolutely understand why you kept it, it’s definitely a piece where it would be difficult to recoup the work you put into it. You certainly got yourself a prize there.

    Lovely work on the sweater, sometimes a redo is the magic it needs to be just right.

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  3. The wreath turned out so pretty. Perfect for autumn. As always, your lampshades are gorgeous. As for YO increases…Inise it all the time without holes. Wonder why yours had holes. I know you need to knit through the back loop of the YO to prevent holes. I am glad you figured out a way to increase so you can keep going. Also happy you tried a different size and now it works so much better. You have really gotten a lot of use out of your SUP. Sounds like a lot of fun.

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  4. Aw your Autumn Wreath is lovely, glad you’re keeping it. With all the shortages they keep claiming you’re probably best to stock and store some Christmas food while you can. We are still inundated with Halloween Candy which is horrid. I do love the Thanksgiving stuff though and of course Christmas goodies. The Lochs are gorgeous and I’m pleased you could sell your larger wetsuit so easily. What fun you’re having with that SUP!

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  5. Wow! That wreath is amazing – the colors are perfect for fall! Glad you’re getting a chance to get out and enjoy the fall scenery. September is a little early for me to think about holiday food shopping, but the retailers do like to get product out there early!

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  6. The wreath is a thing of beauty and a keeper for sure! I love your sup pictures. How warm is it there. I think it is too chilly here now for such outdoor activities. I put my toes in the ocean last week and then calmer heads prevailed. Definitely too cold for anything more than a quick icy dip! Your sweater has been quite the adventure, but I am sure that once you get the darts sorted it will go quickly and will be a welcomed wear as the weather gets cooler.

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    • It’s definitely not warm here, but the wetsuit is 5mm thick on the torso so it feels pretty warm. It’s below 10°C in the mornings but warming up a little. This week it’s rainy and windy so that’s worse than it being cold.


  7. The wreath is really lovely. I’ve often meant to have a look at felting but I’ve never got around to it. Your work really inspires me to want to give it a go, I might have to look into it a bit more.

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    • I started off with kits from Heidi Feathers, she sells wet and needle-felting kits that have everything you need to get started on some small projects, so with Christmas coming up maybe someone could treat you?


  8. That was too funny about the Christmas food! Your wreath is gorgeous and I always love the lampshades especially with the little sheep on them. The paddleboarding looks like so much fun and very peaceful. YOu are so good about getting things just right in your knitting and you are very patient. But that’s why you’re so good at it as you take the time to do it right. Your sweater is going to be so great to wear.

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  9. Good for you keeping the wreath – it is too beautiful to part with! Your lampshades and baubles are so pretty as usual too 🙂 Glad your jumper is fitting better and the short row/hole issue is sorted out 🙂

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  10. I have never gotten fully on with any short row apart from German ones! Anyway, I am glad you sorted it. All of your felting is lovely as always.

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