Batman gave me Covid!

Well not exactly Batman gave it to me, but I’m pretty sure sitting in the cinema last Friday for 3 hours is where I caught it….boooo

I’ve been so careful the last 2 years I’m annoyed at myself for finally catching it. But at least I caught it having had 3 vaccine doses.

It started off as some sinus pain/blockage and a headache on Monday. My husband complained about how much I’d snored through the night but breathing through my nose was impossible and I was amazed I’d snored as it felt like I hadn’t slept at all.

I felt ill enough to do an LFD and it came back positive. Despite me feeling ill and having a positive test my husband wanted to be sure so we went for PCR tests too.

He has moved into the spare room, so thank goodness last week I’d sorted all the crap out of there and made the bed. He is doing daily LFDs and so far he is negative and we hope it stays like that. He is delivering trays of food, water and medications.

A cough started on Tuesday but seems to be triggered when I talk so when having video calls with my husband we are basically just putting silly filters on our faces and I’m not saying much.

It’s the early hours of Wednesday now and my legs have started to ache and feel like tiny men are drilling the bone marrow out of my legs. Ah deep joy!

I’m keeping myself entertained in isolation by watching the Gilmore Girls. I’ve already finished season 1. I missed it when it was on 22 years ago, considering how long ago that seems it has aged well.

I could do with finding a good book to read too so I’m off to look what’s in my kindle library. I have so many Amazon Prime First Reads books in there hopefully something will grab me but also help me nod off to sleep.

As face mask mandates start to be removed take care out there, I’m surprised how crappy I feel having had the 3 jabs…and want everyone to stay safe.



  1. Sorry you’re not feeling well, but it sounds like you have it under control. It’s a nasty disease. I have heard vitamins C, D and zinc plus fluids and rest. Feel better soon.

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