YOP11 Week 45/52 – Getting back to Ship Shape


I received an early 50th birthday present from Alissa of Headknits blog and Chestnut Hills Farm and Fiber (just had to correct that to US spelling of Fibre lol). Its 2 skeins of my favourite yarn for everyday jumpers or accessories. Its two skeins of New Lanark DK yarn in Blossom (pink) and Plum (previously called Milano). I have a jumper in the Aran weight version of this yarn, knitting another and have a 3rd jumper quantity too. In the DK I made my Hasting Mitts. I will either use this for some colour work mittens from the patterns included, or I’ll design myself using Hastings Mitts as a template, or I’ll make a colour work hat. Oh and I made a handbag with this yarn too. When it arrived I honestly wondered if I’d ordered yarn from there in my sleep hahaha.

It’s the perfect present as I’m such a fan of it.  So a big thank you to Alissa. 


I felted 2 x 25cm lampshades and just need to needlefelt some sheep on one, construct them and drop them off at the gallery. Hopefully on Monday.


I realised with the weather warming up I should get back to knitting Ship Shape (in Drops Belle yarn) which is a summer jumper. It is an odd construction, I’m just working on the upper back panel at the moment, having finished the front. A few more rows were added after taking the photo.

Other News

Its the inaugural Miami Formula 1 Grand Prix this weekend. We watch all the race weekends but it’s been fun watching all the stuff the drivers were up to this week, one had dinner with Michael Jordan, some hung out for some training with the Miami Dolphins, Lewis Hamilton and Tom Brady hung out at a driving range (both 7 time champions in their respective sports) and lots of other stuff. I notice Michelle Obama was there watching the Qualifying and is being hosted by Mercedes. If you’ve not watched a Grand Prix before then this may be a good one to watch. Lots of famous people were walking the track or in the viewing rooms, George Lucas and Michael Douglas to name a couple. Race starts 8.30pm BST our time, 3.30pm ET.

Yesterday I posted on my garden blog about some birds moving in and No Mow May. Link is here if you are interested.

This is a Year of Projects post.  Officially the Group is in its 11th year, but this is my 4th year participating.  If you would like to find more about the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry.  Year 11 list.


  1. I love that Ship Shape sweater and hope to make it someday. Do you like knitting it? Hope you have a wonderful birthday. New yarn always makes it a great birthday. That New Lanark yarn is really pretty. Oh gee, purple I see.

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  2. How nice of Alissa to send you such lovely yarn for your bday. The colors are really pretty. Nice lamp shade. Are they still selling rapidly? Your ship shape is starting to take shape. I like the colors. Will be perfect for the summer months.

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  3. i always love your lampshades….more like a painting. The Shipshape is a different construction but oh so pretty. what a wonderful gift from Alissa and this will be a big birthday for you! Happy Birthday! I finally put you on my bloglist so I won’t miss your posts. I am as slow as a snail most days!

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  4. Happy early birthday! I’m sure you will find something lovely to make with those beautiful yarns. I really like the Shipshapw construction from what you’ve shown – it looks like it would make for a nicely fitting shape across the shoulders. Can’t wait to see the finished piece!

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  5. We got hooked on Formula one because of the Netflix series, but we can’t seem to access it on any of our channels so I guess I will have to wait for the next season on Netflix.

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