Making a felted lampshade – time lapse video

Recently I recorded part of the process of making a felted lampshade. The video was filmed using hyperlapse mode on my phone, so it condenses about 2 hours work into just under 2 minutes.

NB. If you normally read my emailed blog posts please click on the heading to take you to my website so the embedded video can be seen.

Included in the video

  • Laying out the wool, silk and flax fibres onto pre-felt.
  • Wet felting process
  • Constructing the lampshade
  • Wrapping the lampshade in protective (biodegradable) film


  • Sorting, washing, dyeing some locally sourced raw wool fleece
  • Blending, on the drum carder, this wool with other bought dyed wool and other fibres
  • Cutting out the pre-felt piece
  • Printing and attaching labels
  • Recording stock item
  • Delivery to the gallery

These excluded tasks I usually do separately, for example I will cut pre-felt for about 10 lampshades at the same time whilst I have it laid out.

I hope the video is interesting and shows a good amount of the time and energy that goes into the lampshades. If you liked it please click on the 👍🏻 button.

The lampshades are available at the Alchemist Gallery on Dingwall’s High Street. Dingwall is a couple of miles off the North Coast 500 route (a road trip around the north Highlands of Scotland).

If you’d like to find out more information and more on the process of making them please click on this link, which will take you to my Lampshade page and some examples of finished shades.


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