YOP12 Week 4/52 – colouring addiction


I have added just a few rows to my Celtic Myths shawl but that’s all.


Last week my left ankle was a bit sore, this week it’s been very sore so I haven’t done any spinning since Monday morning.

Other News

As you can see not a lot has been done this week. My husband has Covid so I moved into the spare room downstairs and he has been isolating upstairs. I am taking lots of precautions and cleaning protocols and mask wearing when dropping off and picking up trays. My neighbours have it too, it really seems to be getting everyone who avoided it in the last 2 years.

I did get out on my SUP on Monday having tested negative and keeping distance to the other ladies. It was great to be out although the Loch we chose had a bit of a trek through the bushes to get to it which isn’t easy when carrying a 10′ board and bag etc. We were going to go out again on Friday elsewhere but my ankle is just too sore and so I’m trying to rest it.

I think the UK’s roasting temperatures on Tuesday made the international news. Here, where I live in the Scottish Highlands, it didn’t really get too hot. On our weather station it hit a high of 27.5⁰C (81.5⁰F) and 99% humidity. It was the 3rd highest temp we’ve had in the last few years. We also had thunder and torrential rain and sticky air so it was an odd day. My cousin’s daughter lives in Lincolnshire and they hit 40.3⁰C (104.5⁰F) which totally smashed the previous UK temperature. Remember hardly any homes or buildings in the UK have air con! So I was very grateful we got off lightly.

My husband’s birthday has been postponed until he is Covid clear and he will open his presents then.

One of the reasons my crafting has been very light is that downloaded a colouring app on my ipad called Happy Colour. It’s very addictive but relaxing. These are just a few of the ones I’ve done. If you download it, don’t blame me when nothing else gets done, you’ve been warned. 😉

This is a Year of Projects post. Officially the Group is in its 12th year, but this is my 5th year participating. See our Year of Projects Group page on Ravelry for more information on how to join in or find out other participants. My Year 12 list.


  1. Haha, yes I’ve fallen down the digital colouring rabbit hole before now, it looks like you made good progress 😂 and there are a lot fewer craft supplies needed. Humid heat is pretty tough, we get a lot of that very close heat when all you want is a bit of rain but it never quite happens. We had thunder here but no lightening and we had rain for about two minutes (albeit very heavy and just as I was about two minutes from home on my walk). I’m sorry to hear about your husbands Covid and your ankle, I hope you both get better soon.

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  2. Oh I am sorry your husband has succombed- I hope you manage to avoid it. I have my fingers crossed for the next few days, but I’m quite grateful that despite my husband working throughout and the three of us in a school, we have only had it once! The colouring looks like z great distraction!

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  3. You are right that this version of Covid seems especially contagious. My daughter got it but fortunately only felt sick one day. She was off work all last week. Hope your hubby can enjoy his belated birthday soon. Yes, I’ve certainly heard about the heat in the UK. I can’t imagine living without AC as it’s so common in the US. Went to our local soccer match last night and was soaked in sweat just sitting at the game. I don’t know how the players survive. Being 45 years younger probably helps. Hope your ankle heals soon. Thanks for the warning on digital coloring. Yours are certainly beautiful.

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  4. Hopefully your hubby is on the mend and will be able to celebrate his bday soon. I have several mandala coloring books and have just started working in them again. So relaxing and let’s me play with color combos. I hope your ankle gets to feeling better soon. The heat wave in the UK was just plain ugly.

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  5. Glad it stayed relatively cool there! Hope your ankle and hubby are both feeling better soon 🙂 Sounds like the paddleboarding was quite an adventure! The coloring app looks like a lot of fun, but I’m going to avoid it, I think 🙂

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  6. Hope your ankle (and husband) are on the mend soon! Those temps sound brutal, especially if you aren’t used to them and have no escape. This summer has had some very weird weather everywhere. While I absolutely refuse to look more closely at the coloring pages for fear of being sucked into yet another thing, I completely understand the need to branch out occasionally. 🙂

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  7. I sent your “Happy Colour” suggestion to my 95 year old, i-pad addicted aunt – she stopped knitting when the device sucked up all her knitting time! Hot and humid here in Vermont as well, but it rained buckets last night and it’s a little cooler here today – and the night is supposed to cool off nicely. If I can cool the house at night, and close it up in the daytime, I can generally keep it habitable even though I don’t have AC.


  8. You are right about everyone getting covid who have missed it so far. My sister tested positive a week ago and my son 3 days ago. I am getting a booster tomorrow and hopefully can avoid it for a while. I hope your ankle is on the mend. I have been spinning quite a bit with Tour de Fleece and I am happy to have worked through over 300 gms of fibre.


  9. Hubs and I have commented to each other a number of times lately that we’re just amazed we haven’t gotten COVID yet. I’m of the mind at this point, that it’s going to happen, and I just hope when it does, we’re dealing with this (or another) easier strain. I hope you’ll not succumb, or if you do, that you have an easy time of it. I’ve never heard of digital coloring before this post. Debating on whether that’s a rabbit hole I should steer clear of, or jump right on in. 🙂

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    • I managed to avoid catching it off him. But I did have it in March so my resistance would be stronger and I took lots of precautions when he had it. I would say dont jump down the rabbit hole. I am totally addicted to it and have not knit a stitch in weeks. Or done any other crafting or gardening. It’s so addictive.


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