Do you make the same thing multiple times?

There’s a feature in Ravelry where you can link projects to your blog posts and as I was updating those links this morning it really struck me how many times I have repeated the same patterns!

I thought I’d do a wee list of my most repeated patterns. Many of these are free on Ravelry and I recommend them all. So, in order of most made:

=1. Hermione’s Everyday Socks

Ravelry pattern link (free). I’ve made 10 pairs for myself! I don’t always do the purl bumps in the pattern though, or I have switched their location. The heel and toe are a perfect fit for my tiny feet though (UK 3/US 5). I mostly make them casting on 64 stitches on 2mm needles, but I have also done some 56 stitches on 2.25mm needles. All are washed in the washing machine and are lasting really well.

=1. Waffle Weave Dishcloth

Ravelry pattern link (free). I nearly didn’t include dishcloths as I’ve made quite a lot, but I’m including this pattern as it’s definitely my favourite. I’ve made 10 of these and they are lasting well and get washed regularly and used daily. Other ones I’ve also repeat knitted include 6 x Grandmother’s Favourite (free), 3 x Boxes dishcloth (free) and 3 x Chinese Waves dishcloth (free).

2. Rose City Rollers socks

Ravelry pattern link (free). I’ve made 6 pairs for myself. These are supposed to have a rolled cuff but I’ve done some with ribbed cuff instead. On some I have done the heel from Hermione’s Everyday socks as I slightly prefer that one. My needle size and stitches cast on are the same combo as the HES ones.

=3. Two by Two hat

Ravelry pattern link (free). This is a super simple hat pattern. I have made 3 in total, 2 for my husband and 1 for me. I changed the closure on the purple one and it doesn’t lie right, so I should unpick it and re-do it correctly so that it gets worn. Super simple and quick pattern.

=3. Hitchhiker

Ravelry pattern link (currently €5.50). I recently frogged the middle one of the 3 I knitted, but that was down to the yarn being a sturdy sock yarn which isn’t soft against my neck. I will definitely make another and I prefer to do some adaptations that others have done, inserting yarn overs and doing the final edge teeth as well. The ones I’ve kept are handspun yarn and my new one will be too.

=3. How I Make My Socks

Ravelry pattern link (free). I have made my husband 2 pairs and my dad a pair. One of the pairs I made for my husband fits fine and they were made on a 2.5mm 25cm circular needle. The other he says is a bit loose and I made those using long circulars and knitted them two at a time.

=4. Quick Sand cardigan

Ravelry pattern link (currently $7.50). I have made 2 of these, one is a linen/cotton yarn and the other used some BFL/silk yarn I hand-dyed. I have also made a Fine Sand, which is almost the same pattern but for DK instead of Aran yarn, so it feels like I’ve made 3 really.

=4. Turtle Dove jumper

Ravelry link to pattern (free). I have made 2 of these jumpers using the same yarn. One has had a few washes, due to my inability to open a tuna can without it spilling, and has felted a bit but I’ve worn it everyday this week round the house so I clearly don’t mind. Will I make another? Absolutely!!! I also have yarn I’ve dyed to make the Turtle Dove II pattern which uses Aran rather than bulky yarn.

=4. Lake Reed hat

Ravelry pattern link (free). I made one for my husband and liked it so much I made one for myself. Mine is obviously the purple one 😂.

=4. Diamond Stripe Towel (weaving)

It’s not just knitting patterns that I have repeated! I have also done the same with this weaving pattern from Kelly Casanova’s Etsy shop (currently £7.08). I am considering trying to make a version with wool yarn rather than cotton, to be a shawl/scarf. I need my Sampleit loom to be project free to test it. The green ones we use as dish towels and they are lasting well and the colour hasn’t run which is great. The blue ones are smaller and I use to dry my face.

=4. Minions

Ravelry pattern link (currently €4.95). Oh and let’s not forget about repeated crochet patterns! Yep I made 2 Minions and if someone created a good Evil Minion pattern or two eyed then I’d make more 😂

There are some other patterns I’ve repeated but I either don’t wear one much or I’ve frogged or tweaked them so I’ve not listed here. The ones listed I would do again and recommend.

If you follow my blog you’ll know I am currently knitting my 2nd Such a Winter’s Day Jumper and considering making a 3rd already!

To those who like to always do something new this must seem quite strange, but I like having multiples of things I like. Back when I used to go clothes shopping (which I hate to do) I would try on a coloured top and if it fit I’d buy it in every colour and that would be my work tops or casual t-shirts for a few years. In some cases I’ve actually got repeat items in the same colour.

So are you a repeat pattern knitter or always looking for something new?


  1. Usually something new – or at least different yarn. If I even follow a pattern! The only thing I repeat is baby hats, 1 x 1 twisted rib, because they are so stretchy. And I’ve made a raglan pattern for bulky yarn that I’ve repeated, more or less, sometimes with a stitch pattern; it’s my everyday choice of sweater and I’ve worn out two or three!

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  2. I have 3 patterns I make over and over. To the Point Shawl over 30 times Rose City Roller Socks over a dozen times and Car socks at least 7 times. There are a few others I have made 2 or 3 times too. If I find a pattern that gives me joy, I will do it multiple times. I do like making new to me patterns too though.

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  3. I like to do new things in my knitting! I do have a few repeat things – I mostly do socks the same way, but otherwise like to mix it up. That said, there’s nothing wrong with repeating a pattern if you like it and it fits well!

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  4. I do an awful lot of repeat knitting too.. right now I’m working on my 4th boxy sweater (Joji Locatelli) and I’ve done several other repeat projects. Socks, hats, sweaters, dishtowels, you name it. It’s like I get one project done and I immediately think to myself, “how can I improve this?” or “what would this look like in this other yarn or colorway???” It’s like creativity gone wild as I end up doing a color or design study and then I end up with 20 handwarmers and even more socks. The other thing that happens is I find a really great yarn and I love it so much I knit it in a pattern that I know will fit me perfectly and that I like to wear, which is how another couple of repeat sweaters happened. I didn’t know about that Ravelry feature, but now that I do, I am on it!

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