Juniper Basket – sewing FO

If you read my Sunday YOP post you’ll know last week I had cut out some fabric to make a Juniper Basket bag, pattern is available on Etsy by Sotak Patterns.

I used some Winnie the Pooh fat quarters and some indigo dyed cotton. I ended up with some blue on my fingers when I had threaded the cord…no light projects to be stored in this bag! I dyed the indigo fabric a while ago.

This is the third bag pattern I’ve followed. See an earlier post for the large sewing bag I made. I also have previously made another bag which holds some of my weaving bits when I’m working on a project.

I made a couple of mistakes, but I can live with them. (The handle stitching is a bit wobbly and the Pooh bears in the zipped pocket are upside down.)

I think my sewing is slowly improving and I’m getting a little more confident with the idea of starting to sew a garment. We shall see.

If you like the look of this bag but you can’t be bothered making one yourself then check out Alissa’s Etsy shop and she has a few of lovely ones for sale. Even has a Halloween themed one. She is a much more experienced sewist and has better quality fabrics.

Now this is finished I am going to concentrate on making fairies and maybe some baubles for the shop. They have none left and only 2 lampshades left so I must stop procrastinating and get on with it!


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