YOP12 Week 36/52 – a bit of colourful spinning for a change

Acquisitions/Stash Management

I felt a bit blurgh this week, so I couldn’t resist a little retail therapy and ordered 200g of BFL (70%)/Alpaca (15%)/Seacell (15%) from Hilltop Cloud. I have wanted to try her dyed fibres for a looooong time and have some Christmas money left.

The alpaca should give nice drape and the Seacell (a cellulose fibre made from seaweed) will give it some shine and who doesn’t love spinning Bluefaced Leicester?! Sounds perfect to me for spinning and a nice change from all these natural coloured wools I’ve been spinning this year.


I made a start on some baubles during a committee meeting on zoom, but they need more work before being ready for the shop.



I have made a tiny bit more progress on my Easy Goes It DK shawl.


I finished spinning the yucky Gotland sample and plied it and the disappointment continues. It doesn’t hold the twist well, it plied very awkwardly and seemed to not have any energy to twist itself. When I spin the other sample of this I’ll do it on one of my Ashford manual wheels and see if that makes any difference.

To get my spinning enthusiasm back up I thought I’d spin something dyed and a breed I know I enjoy. So I started spinning some Shetland I dyed a year ago. It’s deep green but not solid. Again I’m using my EEW Nano 2 to spin it on and Traditional to ply.

Part way through spinning it I remembered that I’d dyed it this deep green for my lampshades as it’s pine forest-ish. Ah well, it’s being spun up now and I have some fibre on order to dye and have some fleece to wash and dye too. I see lots of colour ahead.

Other News

I’ve had no energy this week, perhaps I just over did it last week or I’ve had a bug. We have had very high air pressure here too and I do wonder if that affects me, it certainly coincided with the return of my right ear humming a deep tone. I’m not sure I’ve seen our barometer go as high before.

So not much crafting done but a few more things picked out to donate and some organising of the shelves and drawers in the craft room wardrobes.

My plan this week is to do some more Shetland spinning, work on my shawl and perhaps cast on a pair of socks. I shall be taking a break from decluttering for the next 7 days.

This is a Year of Projects post.  Officially the Group is in its 12th year, but this is my 5th year participating.  If you would like to find more about the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry. 

Year 12 list.


  1. Your new fleece is going to spin up beautifully. So many colors in it. The Dark Green is pretty too. Even though you meant it for felting, I am sure you will find another use for it.

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  2. Ha ha. Retail therapy often works for me. It’s a good thing the stitch markers featured in a podcast I like were already sold out. Have you ever used Vicki Brown Designs yarn? She’s on my short list for an advent calendar to buy this year. Since I’m now addicted to the Sea Glass pattern I have an excuse to buy lots of minis!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I hadn’t heard of her to be honest. I’ve had 2 advent calendars from Cookston Crafts, one was 4 ply and the theme was toys which made it fun and nostalgic, one was DK and Scotland inspired. I didn’t get her one last year but if I was going to get another I would probably use her again as I love how she dyes her yarns.

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  3. A lovely gift to yourself to enjoy spinning up. She has such wonderful colors and blends. Hope that you feel more to yourself soon. I find the big seasonal change months like March always leave me feeling a bit blah myself.

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  4. I wondered about the green yarn as you are such a purple gal. Love the fleece you got with the seaweed….how interesting is that? No de-cluttering for 7 days? There goes my motivation….lol! I liked the fact that you were de-cluttering too. Oh well, I will try and forge ahead without you. I know when there is a big storm coming I usually get a headache. Hope you feel better.

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