YOP12 Week 35/52 – my thoughts on all my crafts

Apologies that this post is a bit wordy and lacking photos, but I wanted to gather my thoughts and perhaps it’s of interest.

Acquisitions/Stash Management

I’ve ordered some fibre from World of Wool so that I can crack on with making some lampshades. I am almost out of the “beach” fibre that I washed, dyed, carded etc. Whilst ordering I’ve topped up on some sparkly fibres for more sparkly fairies. The price has shot up I notice, but I do charge slightly more for those with sparkly dresses.


Since our kitchen was done last March I haven’t wanted to dye fibres in there, so I really need to sort the garage out so that I can set up a little dyeing fibre station in there. I have some old glass jars to try solar dyeing too, which means I also need to tidy the greenhouse, I need more hours in my day!


I was full of good intentions to make more fairies but as I had the urge to continue decluttering I thought I should spend my energy there, however I will definitely do some this week!

I don’t think I’ll have time to do any wet felting the next couple of weeks. By mid-March I should have my fibres and some time to get going on lampshades for the Spring and Summer tourists.

Fibre Prep

One of our Guild members shared her own method of washing sheep fleece that works well for her. As soon as the weather improves a bit I’m going to give her method a go. I have some sample breeds and still have parts of two sheep fleeces in the garage all waiting my attention.



My gloves are in time-out it seems. My concern about the tightness of one is preventing me continuing which probably means I will tink back to fix it, but my mojo to unravel colour-work is low.


I really haven’t had much time to knit, but what little time I had was spent on my shawl but as I only added a few rows there’s no picture.


None on the needles at the moment, this may change soon.


I have decided not to do the Gansey blanket on my list and think it unlikely we need any more dish cloths at the moment, so they are also being crossed out on my YOP list.

Painting & Drawing

I wrote a post yesterday about Painting and Drawing…I’m considering decluttering some of my supplies but going to follow some advice and spend some time in Spring to see if I actually do enjoy doing watercolour and acrylics before I make final decisions. I will keep my pastels.


I had kept some old pairs of jeans to make something with but I have put them in textile recycling and an ok condition (but too small) pair to the charity shop. I have more than enough bags and project bags and need to stop making them. I have unpicked one that I made which wasn’t sewn very well and I will re-sew that but then I’m done with bags. If I sew I need to be brave and do a garment.


I finished spinning the Hill Radnor top, it’s produced a nice yarn, not too scratchy and I’d possibly consider that next to skin but I think I was lucky with my sample, based on what others have said about this breed.

I also spun a sample of Romney top. It was nice to spin but it’s got quite a big halo so I think that may be irritating anywhere near my nose/skin. I’d spin it again though.

Next up was some Gotland top…eew! I do not like the feel of the Gotland, the fibre feels like someone who never used conditioner has cut their hair and given it to me to spin. 🤮. The staple length is crazy long at 6-7 inches so I spun it finely to make it easier. I have another sample from another source so I will try that on my Ashford Traditional, this one I did on my EEW Nano 2. Anyway I haven’t finished spinning it yet.

It’s funny, I think I’d been lucky with a batch of enjoyable and nice sheep breeds spun in a row (Corriedale, Suffolk, Southdown, Hill Radnor, Romney) then suddenly I’m back in the Herdwick territory of knowing for sure not all sheep breeds are fun to spin!

Next up (after I finish the Gotland) I have two breeds that don’t look like they’ll be fun because they have a lot of guard hairs on them, Swaledale and White Welsh Mountain. Time will tell if they are as hideous as Herdwick and Gotland.


Tapestry weaving

Two years ago I did a little tapestry weave mini picture and it looked a bit of a mess where I had just tied the warp ends together. So I grabbed a weird shaped needle from my sewing box and I’ve tucked all the ends in and it looks way better!

Rigid heddle loom

On the Guild’s weaving interest group on Saturday we were discussing different patterns. Some of the ladies showed their log cabin woven items which seemed much nicer than the examples in the weaving books I’ve found, so I’ve decided that’s going to be the next thing on my loom. Is it on my YOP list? No. But when do I ever stick to my list.

Inkle loom

No progress on my Monk’s belt patterns. This won’t actually be a belt, it’s just what the technique is called. I’m not sure what it will become, perhaps a lanyard for holding my Guild membership badge on open days!


I had put on this year’s list to have another go at wood turning. I want to have a think about something that would be really useful. Perhaps I’ll book something in June when it’s my birthday.

Other News

Lots more decluttering was done this week and on Friday I posted an update on that.

I made some Semlor this week from my Almanac, they are sweet buns with cardamom cream and rhubarb. Traditionally they have almond paste in 🤮 but I made them as per recipe. We both decided we don’t like cardamom with sweet things. It’s too familiar as the rice we get from the Indian takeaway. I used the right yeast this time though, fast acting rather than regular. With smoked salmon and cream cheese they make a tasty sandwich roll though. As much as I love the Almanac we so far aren’t in love with the recipes. Now I have the fast acting yeast I’m going to give the Swiss Kings cake one more go…3rd time lucky 🤞🏻

This is a Year of Projects post.  Officially the Group is in its 12th year, but this is my 5th year participating.  If you would like to find more about the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry. 

Year 12 list.


  1. This is a very interesting post, it’s great to see all of the things you’re working on. Like you I’m not keen to use my new kitchen for dyeing but I like the idea of a garage/garden dye station! I think it’s interesting to see the differences in fibres even in the same breed. I spun some Manx Loaghtan one time that was like trying to spin butter it was so soft, but all of the others I’ve come across are scratchy. Looking forward to hearing about your fleece preparation.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s so interesting how different breeds, and even different sheep within breeds, spin up. I have some Gotland yarn that is soft and silky, but the result could depend on so many factors. It’s definitely more drapey, though. Not a squishy yarn. Will you spin the wool with guard hairs, or use it in the garden?


  3. WOW, you were busy. I know that I need to focus on decluttering when I get back home. The nice thing about this winter rental is that we don’t clutter too much since we need to toss it at the end of the rental or find a way to fit it into the car on top of all the stuff we brought. Can’t imagine how we are going to get home next year since we will have to move to a new rental unit. I’ve been thinking about taking a watercolors class but I really don’t want another hobby where I have more stuff to find places for. Bad enough I’m going to try felting a gnome when I get back home in April.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. You certainly did a wide variety of things this week and thinking too! I used to dye in my basement on a portable burner and that worked well so I’m sure your garage will do fine.
    It is amazing to me how different the wool is among different breeds. I wish I had more project bags. I would buy them but they are so expensive and I know I can make them so I will keep trying to get some made. I’m still decluttering too. I think it may be a continual thing from now on at my house anyway.


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