Needle felted Orange Winged Amazon Parrot

My husband has an orange Winged Amazon parrot, that we share custody with my mother in law. When she is in Australia 3 months a year we have the parrot here and when she’s home it lives with her.

For our 11th wedding anniversary (today) I gave him a picture of the parrot, I created by needle-felting.

In 2011 I had drawn him a picture of the parrot, using pencils and pastels. Turns out I used the exact same photo of her to do both! Ah well. The felted picture is more accurate a shape for her, as I ended up cutting around the photo and stabbing through the eye to get it in the right spot. She does have 2 feet but seems to always have one tucked away…like a flamingo!

Various art I’ve produced

Landscape in pastels
Pepper and apple in pastels
Beach at sunset in pastels
Family in the rain, in pencils
My husband’s parrot in pen and pastels
Postcards in pen and watercolour
Abstract in crayon and watercolour
Northern lights in crayon and watercolour
Northern lights behind a mountain in crayon and watercolour
Rainy Scottish Highlands in watercolour
Stormy hills in watercolour
Boats on a loch in watercolour
Boat on loch in watercolour
Bridge at sunset in watercolour
Green vase in watercolour
My first attempt at oil painting




Pastel Drawing–Highland Cow



Not the best photo of it as I’ve taken in electric light and with a flash.  Really pleased with my drawing though.