YOP8 – Week 27/52



Christmas presents can now be revealed!

This is the scarf I wet felted for my dad.  From the softness and sheen on the wool fibre, I think it is Blue Faced Leicester fibre.  It was part of the stash I bought with my spinning wheel.  It is nice and soft so can easily be folded over and wrapped round his neck and keep him warm when playing golf or at the football.

The socks I made him used Susan B. Anderson’s How I Make My Socks pattern, after the disastrous previous attempt at another pattern which resulted in a giant sock.  The photo isn’t great as they were finished, wrapped and posted off pretty quickly.  The yarn was from Henny Penny Makes, an indie dyer who was at Loch Ness Knit Fest.  I really like the colour-way, called Squid Ink.  He says they are a perfect fit, which is a big relief.

My husband has had a bad case of man flu over Christmas, so this has meant I have been able to continue my Void shawl more than expected.  The marker shows my progress, but is deceiving as this is getting so much wider with each row.  I am on the 2nd of 6 balls so this will be very long when finished.

For Christmas I received a blending board and hackle…more on those next week!

On Boxing Day (day after Christmas Day) we always go to the pantomime, but he felt too ill to go and my MIL doesn’t like panto, so I went on my own.  I took my Lintilla with me to knit in the interval, but instead bought an ice-cream.  I still enjoyed the panto and joined in with all the booing the baddie and shouting “he’s behind you” etc.  Towards the end they invited some children on stage and asked them to name an animal so that we could all sing a version of ‘Old MacDonald had a farm’ and make the animal noises.  The first girl said ‘panda’!  It was hilarious as no-one in the theatre knows what noise a panda makes, so lots of strange noises made.  There was a wee 6 year old boy on the stage who, when asked who he’d come with, replied ‘my mum and dad, my granny and grandad and my spare granny’.  This got the biggest laugh of the night.  I love the panto, it is a thoroughly British Christmas tradition and I’m glad I still went.

As I have now fallen ill with the bug and needed some mindless knitting to do I have made quite a bit of progress on Lintilla.  I forgot to pop a marker in from last time, but there’s now quite a few ripples.  I am thinking that I won’t make this too big, but at the moment not sure how big to make it.  It’s sock wool so not cosy soft, perhaps when finished a good soak in fabric conditioner may soften it up a bit.  Any ideas?


I have done a blog post summarising 2018, this includes a selection of achievements and memorable things and it has a selection of photos of things I have created this year.


  1. The scarf for your Dad looks nice a warm. And the socks are beautiful! Perfectly knit and in such a nice colorway. Your Void and Lintilla look great, too. And the pantomime sounds like a lot of fun! I hope you have a Happy New Year, Liz!

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  2. The panto sounds great – we usually go but gave it a miss this year. Your socks for your dad look lovely and sound like e will wear them lots. Your shawls look lovely.

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  3. I’m sorry to hear you’re now not feeling well and hope the bug passes soon. It’s good you got to the panto when you did and enjoyed it and the presents all look wonderful and I’ll bet were appreciated and loved!

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    • Thanks Ruth, now I have the bug I can see why he didn’t come with me. I do love a cheesy panto, no big stars in the Inverness one, just the same dame and side kick each year. Beauty and the beast next year …oh no it isn’t…oh yes it is lol

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  4. How sweet of your husband to share his germs with you…..NOT! I hope you get to feeling better soon. Your dad’s scarf looks very warm. Love the socks you made for him. What a great color and how happy you must be that they fit perfectly. I just learned this year what ‘boxing’ day is. Amazing what a person can learn on the internet these days. The Pantomime sounds like a lot of fun. So glad you were able to enjoy it.

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    • Thanks Marsha, the germs were definitely not on my Christmas list. I had a good long nap in bed this afternoon and just got back in bed for an early night. Hoping sleep, fluids and vitamin C will work some magic.


  5. What lovely gifts and Susan’s sock pattern is my go to pattern for vanilla socks or at least the construction. Your Void shawl is going to be huge and beautiful. I was thinking of it until you mentioned how difficult it was to start with. I’m not ready for that. I like the Lintilla….it reminds me of Hitchhiker but with ruffles. On to the 2nd half of YOP year!

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  6. Your projects all look great. Sorry about the flu bug hitting your house. It is so epidemic here in Croatia the hospital was not allowing in any visitors. We are being very careful and using a lot of hand sanitizer around our new granddaughter. We did have flu shots this year, but one never knows if the shot is valid for whatever strain is going around. I hope you are on the mend soon. I too love pantos. So much fun and I love booing and hissing at the villian. Hmmmm. Now I have to go look up what sound a panda makes….

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    • I did have a flu jab this year, so my husband thinks his flu was worse than mine…I tried explaining it doesn’t work like that and obviously it didn’t include this strain. Hey ho! Hopefully it won’t last too much longer.


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