Answers to NothingbutKnits new year 2019 Q&A

I love these Q&As that people post and get me thinking and planning.  The latest Q&A from Nothing but Knit asks on her new year post…

  • What are your crafty plans for 2019? Are you going to try something new? If you could learn one new thing this year what would it be?
  • Do you have a special project planned for 2019? Are you going to make something special for yourself or someone else?
  • I’ve been wondering if you’ve ever donated something you’ve made to charity. Is it something you’d consider doing? Why or why not?

My answers…

My crafty plans are to finish my year of projects list, plus knit a sweater from North Ronaldsay yarn…something chunky with cables and/or with colourwork.  I would like to do more nuno felting and need to sort out selling items I have made and future makes. This year I need to learn crochet terminology properly and be able to follow a pattern. Also years ago I crocheted a hat I wear a LOT, no pattern just made it up and I want to try to write the pattern if I can learn the names of the stitches I used and before it wears out!

I haven’t planned anything extra special, but lots of good things are in my queue and on my Year of Projects (YOP) list.

On my YOP list is to make an octopus and jellyfish for a preemie. This is a charity that give your curly legged octopus or jellyfish (once they’ve met the strict checking for holes etc.) to premature babies in incubators to stop them pulling out all their tubes, instead their fingers hold the curls.  Pre-Christmas I had gift knitting and now have flu and you can’t make them unless you are cold and flu free.  But I have the instructions, the approved cotton yarn, a handled crochet hook, so once I am germ free it’s next on my project list.  Apparently it is difficult to get them so they pass as swimmers but any that fail are given to angel babies instead.  I’ve enough cotton to make one a month this year but I will see how I get on and how my local co-ordinator rates them.


  1. “stop them pulling out all their tubes, instead their fingers hold the curls.”

    I had no idea. Now I want to make some to donate, too.

    I can’t wait to see your North Ronaldsay yarn sweater. That’s the yarn from Orkney, right? And your YOP continues to inspire me.

    I had completely forgotten I wanted to do some Nuno felting this year. Add it to my list!

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    • I am sure if you search you will find the American branch of the organisation and a local co-ordinator. Yes that’s my yarn from Orkney, they are a seaweed eating breed of sheep! I look forward to seeing your nuno felting.

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    • Oh that’s great, I am now following your blog. It’s the same pattern and our local co-ordinator also has made same recommendations, but as I am new to official crochet stitches I need some practice. I thought, once I am well, I would start with a flat one, as I haven’t bought official stuffing and need to learn how to read crochet patterns.


  2. You have some interesting goals – very much looking forward to seeing and reading about all your planned projects. The octopi for babies sounds really fun and interesting – can’t wait to see them!

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