2019 Summary

Last year I did a summary post of the year, not just crafting related but some other highlights, I thought I’d do the same this year.  This has been the first full year that I have not been employed by a company since I was 15!  Instead I have concentrated on developing my crafting skills and have sold a variety of items through the shop in Strathpeffer.

So this post is a summary of the things I achieved this year (and some memorable highlights).  This is mostly for my own reference, so when I look back in the future I can see what I got up to in 2019.

Bullet keys

🧦 knitting (unless noted as crochet)   👩🏻‍🔬 dyeing  🗡 needle felting  💎 sea glass  🧵sewing 💷 sold  🌀 spinning   🧶weaving 💦 wet felting  🌲wood   🏡 holiday cottage\B&B   🎫 concert   🎟  show

I know it makes no sense having ball of yarn for weaving, but I couldn’t find a better one lol!


🧦 Hermione’s Everyday Socks (RC Bluebell)

🌀 1st long draw woolen spin, 1st go at tweed, North Ronaldsay brown, went to Highland Guild of Weavers, Spinners & Dyers open day.

💦 Used my hackle to blend autumnal fibres and felted a scarf, practiced with hackle and new blending board, BFL nuno felted scarf


🧦 Hermione’s Everyday Socks in WYS Pigeon, Lintilla shawl

🌀 Hand dyed BFL, Sugar Plum rolags, plied North Ronaldsay.

💦 Finished slipper booties, coin purse, picture of Frankie (Parrot), Christmas Kiss scarf

💎 Various sea glass and shell progress markers (sent some to some blog followers)


🧦 1st fair isle hat – Copper River hat, fair isle DPN cosy, swirly swooshy hat, herringbone headwarmer

🌀 Learned to use Andean Plying tool

💦 3 lampshades, tide clock, nuno felted jacket and blending batts practice


🧦 Hermione’s Everyday sock in CC Bree

🧶 Bought Rigid Heddle Sample It Loom, wove Blue scarf, some cotton tea towel practice

🌀 John Arbon Teal

💦 6 lampshades, tea cosy, cushion back for silk painted cushion and scissor cosy

👩🏻‍🔬 created a turquoise gradient, beach landscape fibre, purple fibre, mixed colour fibre


🧦 Elda cardigan

🧶 Double width woven blue shawl

🌀 John Arbon teal

💦 lampshade, orange coin purse/pouch

💎 Various sea glass and shell progress

🏡 Yorkshire Dales cottage


🧦 Quick Sand cardigan, started Such a Winter’s Day and Smitten mittens

🧶 Rock & Peat gradient scarf

🌀 made purple rolags, BFL & Seacell, Rainbow Art Yarn, spinning rolags on spindle and wheel

💦 Bee-u-tiful scarf, Purple and teal silk.  Dropped off stock at Fuzzy Thistle for the first time.

🌲 Hand turned a wooden yarn bowl

🏡 Shepherd’s Hut in Kyle of Tongue

💷 1 scarf

Helen visited


🧦 Hermione’s Everyday socks in Regia, Easy Goes It shawl

🧶 Cotton tea towel tests, grey block scarf for Allistar

🌀 grey woolen spun rolags, purple rolags, started new camel and silk, some BFL and seacell, showed niece how to spin on Spindle

💦 4 lampshades for sister, 2 lampshades to sell

🏡 Visited my sister and met two new half cousins, Fibre East

💷 3 scarves

  • Dance classes – Greatest Showman and La La Land


🎫 🏕 Belladrum 3 day concert

💦 purple wool and silk scarf, additional ones for shop

🧦 Rose City Roller socks, Go Diagonal Scarf

🧶 Tea towel practice

💷 2 scarves

  • Sue and the boys visited (Loch Kinellan, Disc Golf, Dunrobin Castle, Stand Up Paddleboarding, EcoVentures boat trip).
  • New boiler and oven installed.


🧦 Frogged Such a Winter’s Day and re-started, Nurmilintu shawl, Smitten mittens, Interlude hat

💦 scarves to stock the shop (pink sparkly, red sparkly, ocean scarf, turquoise and white, purple, dark green sparkle)

🗡 Fairies, autumn wreath

🌀 silk and camel rolags

🧶 Tea towel practice

🧵Huge project bag

  • Started prepping BFL Shetland X Fleece
  • Painted garage door
  • Perth Yarn Festival & Portuguese Knitting Course
  • Allistar’s brother visiting


🧦 Perky little hat and mittens, more Smitten mittens, dishcloths.

👩🏻‍🔬 Christmas sock yarn and some fibres

🌀 Brit Spin in team ‘More enthusiasm than skill’ Rambouillet, Whitefaced Woodland (on supported spindle), Perendale, Cheviot.

💦 3 sheep landscape lampshades, 2 beachscape lampshades

🗡 12 fairies and lady bug elf, 3 gnomes and 3 Christmas fairies

🎟 Alan Carr Live

💷 8 fairies, 1 lampshade, 1 scarf

  • Loch Ness Knit Fest
  • Appointed Treasurer of the Highland Guild of Weavers Spinners and Dyers


🏡 Innerleithen holiday cottage

🧦 Such a Winter’s Day jumper, Smitten mittens

👩🏻‍🔬 green, blue, rust wool from Roxy the sheep and some Corriedale

💦 3 large lampshades, 5 baubles, 2 purple scarves, Highland dancer, Christmas fairies and elves, winter picture, sheep picture, Highland cow picture, slippers that I ruined.

💷 3 lampshades, 1 scarf, 1 picture, 2 baubles, Highland dancer

  • Jury duty
  • Cromarty Yarn Club


💦 testing some samples with sari silk, made another pair of slippers, 3 small lampshades.

🧦 finished last Smitten mitten, Antler Toque hat and Christmas socks


Selection of 2019 completed items

2019 Accessories
Knitted accessories
2019 Dyeing
Dyed yarn and fibre
2019 Fairies
2019 Knitted Garments
Knitted garments
2019 Knitted socks
Knitted socks
2019 Lampshades
Felted lampshades
2019 Needle felted items
Needle felted items
2019 Scarves
Felted scarves
2019 Spinning
Spinning and rolags
2019 Weaving




Edit: Total sales for the year 2 baubles, 15 fairies, 1 Highland dancer, 8 lampshades, 2 pictures and 9 scarves.


  1. IMHO, you were terribly brave to decide to cut loose, and it’s clear that every month you did more and learned more and produced more of your craftwork. And beautiful it all is. And useful, too (even the fairies), which is important. Now the real work and decisions are coming into view: what will you decide about the new year? I wish you nothing but the best for 2020.


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