2020 Summary

This post is mostly for my own records, like an online diary. You may prefer to skip to the photos. At the very bottom is how I have done with my year of ‘a yarn buying ban’!!!!

In 2018 and 2019 I did an end of year summary, not just crafting items, but holidays and events. So here’s my 2020 Summary! I haven’t kept accurate records of what I wet felted and needle felting when, so these are mostly missing from the summary, but I have listed sold items. Also spinning done outside of the spinning events isn’t very well recorded. Next year I’m going to draft the summary post as I go through the year and then publish at the end!

Bullet Keys

🧶 knitting/crochet, 🌀 spinning, 🕸 weaving, 🗡 needle felting, 🧼 wet felting,👩‍🔬 dyeing, 🧵 sewing, 👩‍🎓 workshop/course, 🏡 holiday rental, 💷 sold items, 🎁 gift packages received, 📚 read, 🎟 cinema, 🥐 baking, ♣️ club or group, 🛒 bought, 🦠 Covid-19, 🧘🏻‍♀️ yoga


🧶 Finished knitting and felted a Tote bag
🧶 2 x 2 hat for Allistar in WYS Shetland, weightless produce bag

👩‍🎓🌀 Spin to weave course

🗡 started Highland Cow

🌀 started spinning John Arbon Harvest Hues in Rosebay

♣️🌀 joined Ben Wyvis spinning group

🧵 sewing machine repaired and practiced sewing

🎟 Little Women and 1917

📚 The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides


🎁 🐑 Gift package from Alissa.

👩‍🔬🌀🧶 Hand dyed fibre, spun and knit a Super Simple Chunky Brioche cowl with BFL, seacell and Corriedale.

🧶 Turtle Dove Jumper in WYS Re:Treat in Calm (purple)
🧶 Converted unused hat into a Swirly Cowl and altered a Perky Little Hat
🧶🐸 Frogged some unworn items
🧶 Business card holder and Two by two hat in yarn gifted to me by Alissa
🧶 started Cabriolet brioche scarf

🧼 Challenge bag at felting group made a little bag for cables.
🧼 4 lampshades, scarf in blue, grey and orange

♣️🌀 Co-hosted Guild Open Day with the Fibre Challenge

📚 Origin by Dan Brown, The Doll Maker by Mary Burton, Dracula by Bram Stoker.

🎟 Parasite


🦠🔒 Lockdown happened so most events cancelled, including ♣️🌀 Ben Wyvis Spin Group, ♣️🧶 Cromarty Yarn Club and ♣️🧼 Felting Group and instead life switched to video calls

🧶 Boxes dishcloth and waffle knit dishcloth

👩‍🎓🕸 Krokbragd weaving course (just squeezed in before lockdown) and made a mini drink mat

🌀Homespun orange batts
🌀 John Arbon Rosebay
🌀 Baby camel & silk

🏡 Stayed at Down House, near Torridon for a long weekend

🥐 banana bread, sultana biscuits

🐪 Highland Wildlife Park on my own

📚 My Sister the Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite


🧶 Finished Void shawl
🧶 3 dishcloths
🧶 Hermione’s Everyday Socks in City Lights

🌀 John Arbon HH

🥐 bread, sultana biscuits and gingerbread cake

🌿 lots of gardening

♣️📷 Re-joined Camera Club committee

📚 Here to Stay by Mark Edwards, The Venus Trap by Louise Voss, The Faded Photo by Sarah Price, The Blood Moon by Alexandra Sokoloff


👩‍🎓🕸 signed up to Kelly Casanova’s weaving school (12 months from the 3rd)

🕸 Single and Double width tea towel on 10″ loom

🥐 banana bread and Chelsea buns

🧘🏻‍♀️🧘🏻‍♂️ started daily yoga with my husband

🌿 cleared wild strawberries
🌿 removed yellow plant and posts in back
🌿 hung rope for honeysuckle


🌀 Tour de Fleece 2020 – team Corner of Knit & Tea for 3rd year and hosted a ♣️ Guild team as captain.

🥐 gingerbread

🌿 bought bonsai pots, new water butt, huge pot for curly hazel and bird feeders with birthday money.
🌿 Cut 2 dead trees down.
🌿 Painted new raised bed parts.

📚 In Her Shadow by Mark Edwards


🧶 Tailfeather cardigan

🧶 Crocheted a Minion

👩‍🎓🧶 Mosaic crochet sample after online tutorials

🌀 Tour de Fleece 2020 – Handspun baby camel & silk in purples and 🌀 Samoyed dog hair

🛒 Bought 32″ loom and 🕸 wove 2 hand towels

🧵 face masks

🐪 Highland Wildlife Park with Steph


🧶Reyna in handspun baby camel and silk
🧶 Shortie socks (hybrid of Rose City Rollers and Hermione’s Everyday Sock)
🧶 Heart, rose, snowman and snowflake with handspun Samoyed dog hair
🧶 2 Hatvent hats
🧶 Mosaic crocheted notebook cover
🧶👩‍🎓 Miniature jumper to learn mosaic knitting

🧼 7 lampshades

🐝 made beeswax wraps

💷 Started selling scarves on Etsy and felted goods at the Alchemist Gallery in Dingwall. Sold 3 x 20cm lampshades, 4 fairies, 1 wreath

🕸 Sunset scarf on 10″ loom (my first multicoloured project)

🏡 Stayed in the Shepherd’s Hut on Kyle of Tongue for 4 nights

♣️🧶 Blogville Knit Group weekly meetings started on Skype


🧶 Bricks and mortar cowl in handspun (later felted to shrink it)

🗡 22 fairies.

♣️🧼🗡Joined International Felt Makers.
♣️📷 Camera Club started via Zoom
♣️Started 2nd year as HGWSD Treasurer

💷 Sold 3 x 20cm, 2 x 25cm lampshades, 8 fairies and 1 bauble

🚗 car fixed after months with dead battery

🌿 started Minion topiary

👨🏽‍⚕️ ENT appointment


🧶 crocheted small sized Havana Afghan

🧶 knit 2 odd socks (wood pigeon and Christmas)

🌀BritSpin 2020 – ♣️ Guild team captain and spun 🌀 border leicester dyed pink, 🌀 merino single gradient, 🌀 BFL sparkle, 🌀 lace weight baby camel & silk and 🌀 Portland – I spun over a mile and our team came 5th.

🛒bought 2nd hand Ashford Traveller wheel

🧼 made lots of lampshades, some fairies and baubles

💷 Sold 3 x 20cm, 4 x 25cm lampshades, 5 fairies and 2 baubles

👩‍🔬 Dyed some fibres
👩‍🔬 Dyed a Christmas stripy sock yarn


🧶 Herriot hat in J&S Shetland Chunky
🧶 finished HES socks without the bumps in WYS wood pigeon
🧶 Strathcona Sweater
🧶 6 dishcloths

🎁 Received gift packages from Marilee and Alissa

🌀 Superfine merino fractal spinning on new wheel

🛒 Drum carder arrived (Bought in Oct with gift money from my mum)

👩‍🔬Dyed some fibres

🗡 baubles and fairies

🏡 Stayed at Polin Croft near Kinlochbervie for a week

💷 Sold 4 Lampshades, 6 Baubles and 11 fairies plus 1 scarf on Etsy

🐕 Ylva had 2 lumps on her gums and 2 teeth removed


👩‍🔬 Dyed fibres for lampshades and other projects
👩‍🔬 Dyed a skein of sock yarn as a contrast colour for my ADVENTuresome wrap.

🧶 finished Christmas socks
🧶 knit part of ADVENTuresome wrap
🧶 finished 2nd Turtle Dove jumper

🗡 Made some Nordic Tomte and fluff pom poms

🧵 Made Christmas facemasks

🧼 Lampshade for parents

🏡 Stayed at Down House near Torridon

🎄 Christmas at home with MIL 💣

💷 Sold 4 scarves on Etsy, 14 fairies, 4 baubles, 2 x 20cm lampshades, 1 x 25cm lampshade, 3 wreaths and 6 Nordic Tomte.

📚 The Lucky Ones by Mark Edwards, started The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman. There are also a number of other books I started this year but didn’t finished recorded in my Goodreads app.

Edit: total sales for the year 13 baubles, 42 fairies, 22 lampshades, 6 tomte, 5 scarves and 4 wreaths.

2020 Yarn buying ban…the results

I decided to have 2020 as a year I didn’t buy any yarn, by February I’d added a caveat to that rule, then in July I did a mid-year look at how I was doing. The idea of the ban came after doing last year’s calculations I was worried that the rate of incoming yarn -v- outgoing would lead me to having too much yarn. I wrote a post about it.

So here’s how I’ve done…Well, as you can imagine I’ve done terribly…should I blame the pandemic? or just my own inability to stop buying yarn? I blame the pandemic of course.

Figures in miles!IncomingOutgoing/UsedNet Usage in YearYear End Stash Total
Starting balance pre-20197.97

So clearly there’s an issue here…in a year that I tried not to acquire any yarn I bought or was gifted 22.12 miles of it! The amount I used is down on last year. My plan is to do a lot more weaving in 2021, so that should definitely help my Outgoing/Used figures, however I also plan to do more spinning and that counts as Incoming.

There are some unfinished projects that haven’t been counted in the Outgoing/Used figures, as only when something is marked as a Completed Project do I count how much yarn it used.


  1. You keep fabulous records. You were certainly busy this past year with fiber. Also you had some lovely get aways which helps clear the mind. May next year be wonderful for you and yours.


  2. Absolutely blame the pandemic. Comfort buying yarn isn’t the worst thing you might have been doing!

    You’ve had a wildly successful year, and have brought many beautiful things into the world, so congratulations. I hope the new year treats you with kindness when it arrives.


  3. Wow – you got a lot of things done and made! You practice such a wide variety of crafts and make such lovely things 🙂 Definitely blame the pandemic – that’s clearly the issue here!


  4. What a prolific year of projects you’ve got there. I sure enjoyed seeing it all again. And skimming through your notes, it looks like an interesting year overall. In spite of COVID lockdowns.


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