Caveat to the yarn buying ban

As I’ve mentioned this year I wasn’t going to buy any yarn this year….however there’s now a caveat or addendum to that rule.

If I need a specific yarn for a course to learn a new skill then it’s ok!

So for the Krokbragd spinning course in March I have bought some of the yarn required for it!

This is 12/6 cotton warp and two colours of high twist rug yarn. Neither of which were in my stash or spinnable by me.

I’m thinking on my wee loom that table mats will be an ideal project.


  1. Iā€™m trying to get through my whole stash to I sort of over but on baby yarn and then the babies are now about three years old or more so either my kids need to have more babies or I need to buy some other type of yarn, LOL

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