Brioche advice needed

This is my 1st two colour brioche project and so I was being cautious and putting safety lines in. However, where I have had safety lines in and then removed them I am getting weird kinks in the rows and can’t seem to stretch them or remove them. With brioche you don’t really block so I’m not sure about putting any more safety lines in now…but what if I go wrong eek! I can’t read the brioche stitches yet.

Any tips welcome. Thanks


  1. While you don’t block brioche per se you can give it a soak and lay it out. I did that with the cowl and it ended up looking less wonky. It also fluffed it up a bit but Cascade yarn tends to do that so it was just a bonus.
    I can’t remember how I figured out how to read the brioche. I know it was a tip I got from a YouTube video. It was just something that was said it passing but I can’t remember what it was. It had to do with the color you’re using at the time. I’ll try to find the right video this evening and leave you the link:)

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  2. So, honestly, I block brioche. My brioche without moving around life lines looks a bit kinky at times, but I block it lightly (don’t pin it out crazy or anything) and all’s well that ends well 🙂

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  3. I agree with the previous statements about doing a sort of light block in the sense of soaking it and laying it out. You can also sort of tug it lengthwise and sideways as well while you are doing that, which may help straighten things our a bit. It’s looking great!

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