YOP9 – Week 31/52



I have still not dyed the challenge fibre I received from the Guild last September and on Saturday we are supposed to be showing what we’ve made with it!  Hmmm I’m not convinced I can dye, spin and either weave or knit something in 6 days. Next week you’ll find out if I made it!!


Yesterday I finished the body of Dove Tail and just have the arms to go.  Technically on the body, the back should be slightly longer, but I decided to cast off when I’d used up the ball.  I have 2 complete balls left, so I’m going to knit as long sleeves as I can, trying two at a time and see how that goes!
Sorry, it’s a late Saturday evening photo with bad light.


My machine is fixed and I had a little play around making some small pouches that had no intended purpose; I was just testing the machine on some off cuts from the project bag I made last year.  I then found a messy bag of tangled embroidery threads and decided to tidy those and wrap them round little bits of card, and they just happen to fit inside all the little pouches I’d made!!!


I was full of good intentions to spin a little every day but that didn’t quite happen, but I do have nearly one full bobbin of the John Arbon Harvest Hues fibre in Rosebay colour.  The colour still isn’t quite right, it’s a dusty pink colour. This photo was taken earlier in the week.


My heart just wasn’t liking the checked weaving I’d been doing so I ripped it all off the loom, so my loom is now free to do something I’ll find more enjoyable.  My new weaving book with ideas arrived so I’m going to have a go at doing something a little more complicated at some point.

Other News

My doctor has given me a bunch of different medicines for my acid reflux and another nasal spray for the fluid in my middle ear problem and she is referring me to an ENT specialist about my ear.  I won’t bore you with the details as it has dragged on for years, hopefully it’ll now get sorted.
Chocolate is apparently not good when you have acid reflux so I tried to give it up, by Friday evening I was so angry and bad tempered I realise I can’t live without it.  I have given up my daily hot chocolate but I need at least 3 squares of a chocolate bar a day to stay sane.  I’m also sleeping with an extra pillow and have a really really think liquid to take before bed.  You know the Meatloaf song, ‘and I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that’…well that’s how I feel about the acid reflux, I’ll try anything but giving up chocolate??? No I won’t do that!
This week the Pirelli rubber strips and clips arrived and with some help from my husband I have replaced the webbing on my rocking armchair, I’m now confident my sore back/hips was because the elastic webbing I’d stapled previously was all over stretched and worn out, now with the proper webbing on it is a million times better and my back/hip pain has gone.  Yay!
A blog questionnaire about self care recently got me thinking, so I had my haircut this week, for the first time since last March (except some trimming I’d done myself!).  It is now a short bob and my head feels so much lighter.  When I finish Turtle Dove I’ll model the jumper and my new hair together.
On Tuesday we woke up to sunshine and snow had fallen so that was lovely, on Wednesday it was back to rain and had melted but I thought I’d share a wee snowy photo.  Not as spectacular a snowfall as some of the bloggers I follow in the US and Finland get, but my world is happier even with this much snow.
This is a Year of Projects update.  If you would like to find out more about the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry, or you’d like to join in, please follow the link for details.  To read what the other members of the YOP Group have been getting up to please click on the latest weekly folder and follow the links to their blog posts.  This is a friendly group with a wide mix of skills and crafting interests.




  1. What a nice week you had…balancing it out with a little bit of everything. Except for the healthy part. I’m not a chocolate person but I did not know it aggravated acid reflux. I would rather have little niggling problems like that then big health problems. Not that the ear, hips, back, and acid reflux aren’t serious or painful; they are! But they can be fixed or managed at least. I need a book that tells me what is normal aging-related issues and what is something I should see someone about! LOL! The chair repair is wonderful that it relieved your hips and back pain.
    Your sweater is really coming along and the sleeves shouldn’t take too long. Your spun yarn is lovely! Those little bags you sewed are very pretty and useful too. Love your snowy photo…we have had none so far this year. Have agreat week!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh new hair! I’m glad you found a solution to your pain and hopefully the reflux may be sorted or eased soon. Your sweater will ne finished before you know it.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I could see some of the dusty rose in the photo. It was the way the light was hitting. What a lovely fiber you have spun. Your sweater looks so cozy. I am anxious to hear how the two at a time sleeves go. Fingers crossed it works out for you. I chuckled thinking about your 6 day time frame to dye, spin, and knit up something. For some reason, I do believe you can do it though. As for your health issues………Bravo for the hip and back pain leaving since the chair has been fixed. Boo for the inner ear issue that has lasted far too long. AND………….give up chocolate? Are you kidding me? That would be a hard one for me also. Do you consume milk chocolate or dark chocolate? Dark is actually good for you. It is loaded with antioxidants. Milk chocolate has not shown any health benefits other than it tastes yummy.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sometimes I have the Montezuma dark chocolate with lime and sea salt, but some days have Dairy Milk…perhaps I need to see if there’s a difference in my heartburn and see if one is worse.


  4. You got so much beautiful work done on your projects! Your sweater and the yarn you are spinning are so lovely 🙂 Also glad there is a prospect of help for your acid reflux and inner ear issue. But I’m with you – quitting chocolate is too much to ask! Enjoy your lovely snow – it is beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I see that you and I like the same colour palette – purples! I hope your acid reflux improves or just darn well go away. I haven’t had it often, but when I did – yuck! It is trying to snow here today – I hope it just makes things pretty and not impassable on the roads as I have so many dr appts this week. Ah the joy of getting older. I plan to get out my spinning wheel today – you have inspired me.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Lots of crafty, creative things you’ve been up to. Your sweater is looking just beautiful. And perfectly knit. I do hope you get the reflux and ear issues sorted out. And Yay, you on correcting what was causing you back and hip pain. You are doing a lot of good and helpful self-care!

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