A box of beautiful goodies

A few weeks ago Alissa from Headknits blog and The Just Craft podcast offered a giveaway on her Wisconsin Babes blog post.  You had to name the movie that came from, and being a complete movie addict and having seen Love Actually for the zillionth time at Christmas I got the answer right and won! 

This morning as I was busy making an enormous batch of soup the postman called and he handed me a box of goodies from Alissa in Columbus, Ohio.  

I LOVE everything that arrived.  

  • A beautiful Mexican wizard card made on handmade paper by Mayan Paper. 
  • A project bag with Harry Potter themed fabric on the inside and another on the outside, beautifully sewn by Alissa using a design Sarah at Mildly Granola blog had made Alissa in the past.  Perhaps I might give the books or movies another try. 
  • Some really yummy DK/Light Worsted weight wool from her local yarn store that matches my warm coat perfectly and so will definitely be a cosy hat. 
  • A cute Stitchable Sheep Ornament, you sew some yarn through the holes and then attach the hanging loop.  
  • Some Coopworth wool fibre, a fibre I’d not heard of and so that’s exciting to add to my list.  Some of it I will spin to make yarn to thread through the ornament, which will then be a Christmas decoration to remind me every year of my friend I met through our blogs.  As I do, when I get new fibre, I looked it up in The Fleece and Fibre Sourcebook, which says its ‘an easy spinner’, so I’m looking forward to spinning it.  I’ve been thinking if making a breed project…maybe a blanket or a cushion, I like the idea of each breed being a different colour or pattern.
  • Last but not least a couple of super cute stitch-markers with a wee gnome and toadstool.  Both the sheep and stitch-markers are by Katrinkles, who I’m already a fan of.  Although last time I ordered direct the customs tax was almost as much as the wee tools!  So receiving these as a gift was brilliant. 

Please check out Alissa’s podcast episodes which are available through The Just Craft website.  There are interesting discussions about Fair Trade, something Alissa is passionate about and works in, and the latest episode is an interview with a potter who makes Raku pots, which is coincidentally something I collect and have 3 pieces!  

I hope the stars align one day and I get to meet Alissa, but in the meantime I now have these gifts to treasure.  So a huge thanks to Alissa for such lovely box of goodies.


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