Leaving things to the last minute

In September at the Highland Guild of Spinners, Weavers and Dyers we were given a brown paper bag with 100g of fibre for the 2019 Challenge.

My bag contained 50g of Corriedale top, 40g of Blue-faced Leicester/SeaCell and 10g of Sari Silk waste. You were then left to create something to bring along to the Guild Open Day this Saturday. You could add other fibre or yarn but the total project must be no more than 100g.

So, having had my bag of goodies nearly 5 months, this week (i.e. the last week) I finally got around to doing something with it.

On Tuesday I dyed the wool fibres using acid dyes (Ashford Hot Pink, Landscape Dyes Ice and Opal). I braided each of the fibre tops and popped them in a pan. Although they were in the same pan, the way I added the dye mixes gave different effects on the two fibres. The SeaCell being a plant based fibre, rather than animal fibre, remained white.

I then hung it up to dry overnight.

On Wednesday I spun the sari silk, then the BFL/Seacell and the Corriedale. Each fibre spun separately and pretty thick because I was short on time. The sari silk was much thinner. With no idea whether I had the same length of fibres I then plied the 3 together and I was pretty much spot on! Just a tiny bit of the Corriedale was left over which I chain plied.

I set the yarn and hung it up to dry overnight.

On Thursday I set about trying to find a tiny project that would be possible with such a small length of super bulky wool! In my Ravelry queue I had a single colour brioche pattern that requires twice as much yarn, but I thought I’d see how much I could manage with a smaller needle and less cast on stitches. I managed to knit it just long enough to either be a headband/ear warmer or cowl. The colours are gorgeous, you only get hints of the sari silk colours and I like that. The BFL and SeaCell do give it a nice sheen and soften the Corriedale.

This is my first attempt at single colour brioche and once you get in a rhythm it is pretty easy.


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