BritSpin Team Highland Guild Results

Well the results are out and I am sooooooo proud of our team! 

Drum roll…..

Overall competition we came 5th of 12 teams!  5th!  This is an outstanding result for our first year as a team.

Other results:

Team Marathon we came 6th overall out of 12 teams and that to me is fantastic!  The Dumfries based team came 10th so we beat our Scottish team rivals.

Photo Competition Mary came 1st with her image of her showing Leia what she does with her fleece. (Post #30)

Breedathon we came 7th with 10 breeds, the winning team spun 73 breeds!!!!!!  Bearing in mind you have to spin at least 50g of each breed, that’s a lot of spinning by the winning team.

Learn a new skill 1 of our team earned 4 new skills badge, I earned a 3 new skills badge and 4 of the team earned 1 new skill badge.

BritSpin Bingo 7 of our team got “Bingo – Full House” on the bingo card.

I am super proud of the ladies in our team and their combined effort and their willingness to play along and deal with all the admin side of uploading their entries onto Ravelry.


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