BritSpin Individual Results

As a reminder, these were the Challenges:

  • Individual Marathon
  • Team Marathon

Plus Extra Events:

  • Learn a new skill
  • Bingo
  • BritSpin Sprint
  • Photo competition
  • Team Breedathon

The aim is to have fun spinning whilst raising money for the RNLI. I got my husband to also donate to help them achieve their target.

Individual marathon

Well BritSpin is over and I reached my personal aims, to beat last year’s results and get at least a 1500m badge. I beat that and managed to get a mile badge, plus another 100m. Woo hoo! That’s 51% more than I achieved last year and with my dodgy knee I am happy. I spun 1,783.62 BritSpin Metres.

Learn a new skill

This year I learned 3 new skills:

  1. I made a gradient and spun a single. I’m really pleased with how it turned out
  2. I spun silk from the end, which was thread thin, which is a first.
  3. I spun a lace weight yarn. It is tricky trying to spin fine enough to get it a thin single without snapping. I used baby camel and silk.

Bingo Card Challenge

I have already shared the results and photos for this in my Update post. What a fun challenge, so if you missed my post have a look to see me spin in gloves, blindfolded etc!

BritSpin Sprint

What a disaster, fancy picking some greasy, badly combed (by me) Portland fibre to try to spin as long a length as possible in 1 hour. You have to spin, ply and measure it within 1 hour and this greasy, lumpy bumpy yarn was what I produced! I spun the remainder of the 50g but that doesn’t look any better despite me taking more time.

Photo competition

I just entered one picture with the red, white and blue look…the joy of learning something new

Here’s a snap of everything I spun this year. My highlights were the Bingo Card tasks, doing my first single and my first lace weight yarn…oh and spinning over a mile!!!!

I will post our team results later this week, once they are known. Fingers crossed we have done enough to not come last, but even if we do we have enjoyed it.


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