50th Birthday Trip Posts

Hi Readers,

This is just a quick note to say that I have published on my travel blog the first of four posts about my 50th birthday trip. The following posts will be published the next 3 days at 7am UK time. I’m not sure whether they’ll be of interest, but I’m sharing the link to the first one here. If you are interested in following the others then please feel free to follow the link, they get more photo heavy as the days go on. I’m not sure why I forgot to take photos the first few days.

First Post – Wirral & North Wales

Second Post – Cheshire

Third Post – Glasgow & Gleneagles

Fourth Post – Loch Lomond

In case you missed my earlier message, I’ve moved all my travel to a separate blog as I was running sort on space here and wanted to keep this one for crafting and my business.


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